Symptoms Of Kennel Cough

Symptoms of Kennel cough need to be noted. Tracheobronchitis, Canine infectious Tracheobronchitis , Bordetellosis or Bordetella are some of the medical terms used to illustrate kennel cough.

One of the most common ailments In canines, kennel cough is an infection in the upper respiratory causing sneezing and coughing.

A highly contagious infection, kennel cough is seen all over the World and said to affect nearly every dog once in his/her life time.

Kennel cough has several carriers, this ailment is termed under viral as well as bacterial.

Parainfluenza is the most commonly known kennel cough virus, the affect of this virus infection is mild ,symptoms not lasting for more than 6 days. In quiet a few occasion this viral infection is also involved with another bacterial infection leading to severity of ailment.

Bordetella bronchiseptic is another most common bacteria who is associated with kennel cough. Dogs affected by this bacterial infection will recover in 10 days ,the symptoms of this infection are seen 3 to 4 days after being victimized.

It is also important to note here ,after recovery from Bordetella bronchiseptic canines take a period of 6 to 14 weeks to shed off the infectious bacteria completely, here it is important to take precaution for other dogs in the vicinity who are very prone to catching getting infected by the bacteria.

Canine who have been immunized with kennel cough prevention vaccine, are still prone to Bordetella .Mostly an infection of Bordetella and Para influenza occur together causing a very infectious kennel cough ,an ailment which will at least take 20 days to recover.

Kennel cough symptoms are frequent dry cough spells.

Many dog owners whose canines are known to suffer from kennel cough have mentioned the frequent spells of dry cough with honking sound.Many dogs in kennel cough have symptoms of nasal discharge and sneezing.In mild case of kennel cough dogs are known to remain active as well as continue with their normal appetite.

In severe cases of kennel cough the symptoms are all the same ,the only difference being the severity of the ailment and longer duration for recovery.

Severe kennel cough symptoms include high fever ,yellowish nasal discharge ,dogs are known to get lethargic and loose their appetite in sever kennel cough.

Very severe kennel cough can lead to pneumonia which can at times also lead to death of the canine.

Life threatening kennel cough is seen more often in unvaccinated canines as well as immunocompromised dogs.

Symptoms of kennel cough are very clear and familiar , on examination the inflammation of trachea is the first sign of the infection.

Harsh coughing ,nasal discharge with sneezing ,snorting ,retching are the most common symptoms of kennel cough.

Presence of fever varies ,depending on the severity of the ailment. Diagnosis is made on basis of the above symptoms as well as history of exposure to canine with the infection.

Antibiotics are the best way to cure kennel cough ,incase of exposure you can consult your vet who would provide preventive antibiotic to ensure the safety of your canine from this highly infectious and contagious ailment.

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