Strawberry Cough-RW

Strawberry Cough medications boast good flavor. The genetic of Strawberry cough has originated from part of North America as well as some parts of European continent. It is a hybrid between Indica and Sativa . Strawberry cough is made our of a hybrid selection ,with 80% of its influence belonging to Sativa group.

Strawberry cough seeds are have been specially created for producing one of the most unimaginable and the fruitiest variety of strawberries.

The taste and the smell of the strawberries grown by strawberry cough seeds are said to be evidently more tastier and the smell could never have been sweeter.

The plants that are grown out of strawberry seeds are said to grow breathtaking beautiful.

Strawberry cough seeds are easy to grow and do not require excess fertilization .

Normal standard fertilizers are sufficient for a lovely and healthy growth of the plant the strawberry plant will be no more than mediocre height. In a matter of 4 to 9 weeks the strawberry cough seeds are well grown and blossomed.

In the month of October you will be able to enjoy he fruit of your work ,the strawberries will harvest and you can enjoy the worlds tastiest strawberries.

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