Robitussin Cough Drops

Robitussin Cough Drops taste pretty good. Robitussin cough drops ,cough suppressant manufactured by Wyeth pharmaceuticals are very a well known for their cough drops and syrups.

Cough drops or suppressants are basically given when one gets any kind of throat infection which further leads to coughing.Cough syrups are generally sweet in taste, made specifically to relieve the throat from dryness, cough syrups help in relieving the throat of irritation caused by the infection and in turn reduces the coughing.

Robitussin cough drops are a well known cough drops in United States, these are used as temporary relievers for severe coughing, sourness and mild irritation of throat.

Robitussin is also a reliever for pain in the throat caused due to sourness of the mouth.

Robitussin cough syrups are very effective, they available in 3 different flavors - Menthol Eucalyptus , Menthol cherry and Menthol honey-lemon.

Menthol Eucalyptus has corn syrup eucalyptus oil flavor and sucrose .Eucalyptus has known to have medical benefits for centuries, especially in case of sore throat and cold, eucalyptus is said to be very useful even with sourness in the mouth.

Menthol cherry contains corn syrup,FD&C red no.40 flavor,methylparaben,propylparaben,sodium benzoate ,sucrose.Cherry being sweet flavored is especially favored by children ,and they would swallow the medicine without any fuss.

Honey -Lemon syrup contains citric acid corn syrup D&C yellow no.10 ,yellow no.6 honey lemon oil methylparaben povidon propylparaben sodium benzoate sucrose.

Honey lemon a combination that not only tastes well but also has a soothing effect for sore throat and helps in relief to dry cough.

All the flavors of Robitussin cough drops are available in bags of 25 drops .

Directions for the usage for the syrup are as follows -

For children under the age of 4 ,you need to consult the pediatrician before usage of Robitussin cough syrup.

For Children above the age of 4 yrs - 1 drop every 2 hours in case of cough, the dosage can be increased under doctors supervision.

1 dropfor sore throat, allow the drop to slowly dissolve in your mouth for soothing relief to throat.

For Adults 2 drops every 2 hrs in case of cough,

2 drops every 2 hrs in case of sore throat.

Cough suppressants are temporary relievers from mild cough throat infection, for younger children it is better to take doctors advice before giving Robitussin cough drops.

Robitussin cough drops are not to be used for more than 7 days at a stretch, if cough is still persistent along with fever consult your doctor immediately.

Severe throat infection with fever vomiting and nausea, needs doctors advice, in this case please consult a doctor .

Cough with mucus needs doctors supervision.

Asthma cough needs doctors advice ,cough caused due to smoking to needs doctors consultation before consuming Robitussin

For children below the age of 3 Robitussin cough drops needs permission of the pediatrician.

Pregnant women as well as breast feeding mothers need doctors consultation before consuming Robitussin cough drops.

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