Persist Ant Cough

Persist ant Cough isn't fun. Persist ant cough in simple understandable terms means a continual importunate cough that just refuses to go. Coughing occurs when there is spurring in the sensory nerves of the respiratory passage. Respiratory passage are the tubes we use for breathing.

When someone continuously coughs, there is less breath taken in the voice box closes momentarily ,the muscles used for breathing In our chest and abdomen contract , when the above happens there is a reflex action in which the pressure to breathe out increases forcing the voice box to open .This forced reflex action is called coughing.

Coughing is a reflex action which is more like a defense mechanism for the body It is a way of sterilizing the lungs and the respiratory tubes. As prolonged dust and dirt I the lungs can lead to serious chest infection.

Persistant cough is frequent coughing spells that occur due to existence of certain articles in the respiratory passage. Particles of dust dirt even food can cause disturbances in the normal breathing system and lead to persistent coughing.

An infection in the lungs can cause can also be a reason for persistant coughing. Persistant coughing can be aggravated by many reasons such as-

*Frequent coughing can be a result of common cold ,this takes about 3 weeks to settle.

*Coughing can be caused by taking in food or water into the tube from the mouth.

*Severe illnesses like pneumonia heart failure as well as blood clotting in the lungs ca lead to coughing as an after effect of the illness.

* Smoking leads the path to persisant coughing.

*Asthma in children can lead to persistant coughing without sneezing.

*Acidity of the stomach also can be a grave cause for persistant stomach.

*Heart medication like Angiotensin can also lead to coughing.

*Viral or bacterial infection of the lungs can also lead to coughing

Persistant cough is not a grave illness ,but it still needs to be treated, coughing needs doctors advice if-

*Cough follows with mucus that is blood stained, yellowish green, or foul smelling saliva.

*If coughing leads to chest pain it needs doctors consultation.

*Persistant cough in the night, swelling followed by pain in the calf's

*Symptoms of whopping cough are seen.

*Excess smoking which can lead to worsened smokers cough.

* Pesistant fever with sweating

*Sudden weight loss

All the above need doctors advice immediately. Persistant coughing in younger children is also seen very often nowadays with the increase of air pollution more and more children are likely to suffer from a cold or cough more regularly .

Persistant coughing in children can be by inhaling a foreign particle smoke or dust, if the child has only cough one can wait for sometime if cough prevails over a period of 3 to 4 days then doctors consultation is advisable.

Coughing accompanied with cold and fever are sings of infection and need doctors consultation.

Many cough syrups and drops are now available in the market with the doctors advice you can take any of them as temporary relievers for your cough .These cough syrups or drops can be very helpful in killing any kind of viral or bacterial infection present in your lungs. Though cough which goes on for a longer period of 4 days needs doctor consultation. Persist ant Cough - seek help right away.

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