Kennel Cough Vaccine

Kennel cough vaccine is readily available today. Tracheobronchitis is named kennel cough as this cough is highly contagious and can spread easily among dogs sharing the same kennel.

Kennel cough can be caused by viral as well as bacterial infections .Viral infection like canine adenovirus canine distemper canine para influenza virus or canine respiratory coronavirus.

Bacterial infection like Bordetella bronchiseptica can be major causes for the spread of kennel cough.

Kennel cough being a viral and bacterial illness spread easily, if a dog is infected by kennel cough his sneeze as well as cough are carriers of the virus .This virus can be spread through air ,as well as any contact with contaminated surface or any direct contact with infected dog.

Kennel cough has 2 vaccination options

1. Injectable Vaccination

2. Intranasal Vaccination

Injectable Vaccination is a safer and faster means of vaccination especially for aggressive canines . Injectable vaccination provides better immunization from kennel cough. For systematic immunization two doses of vaccination need to be given after 4 months along with the annual booster.

Injectable vaccination cannot provide complete prevention from kennel cough ,but will definitely reduce the severity of the infection ,an immunized dog will suffer less severity than an non vaccinated dog.

Intranasal Vaccination is given very early to the canines ,as soon as they are 2 weeks of age

intranasal vaccination is given ,the preventive cover of this vaccination lasts for 10 to 12 weeks .This vaccine is given as an annual boost to canines to safe guard their health from this contagious disease . For intranasal vaccination it takes at least 4 days for the vaccine to immunize the dog completely. Intranasal vaccination can lead to sneezing as well as nasal discharge .

For canines intranasal vaccination is better than injectable vaccination.

DHLPP Vaccine is preventive vaccination for virus infections like Para influenza Adenovirus type 2 ,canine distemper and all other infections of kennel cough . Adenovirus Type 2 serum is a vaccination against Adenovirus Type 1 ,a carrier of infectious canine hepatitis.

Vaccination is a preventive measure for kennel cough ,it is 80% effective against kennel cough ,but it will have no effect for a dog who has bee infected with kennel cough.

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