Kennel Cough Treatment

Kennel Cough Treatment is available. Kennel cough is a viral or bacterial infection which affect the lungs and the throat of the canine.

Your dog has been infected by kennel cough or not one must look for symptoms like harsh dry frequent coughing and sneezing ,this frequent dry cough leads to the inflammation of the wind pipe known as trachea , this leads to air passing into the lungs causing bronchitis .That's how the name of Tracheobronchitis was evolved.

In severe cases the dogs usually throw up a white foamy discharge after a cough fit ,dogs may also develop inflammation of the membrane lining the eye it a form of conjunctivitis.

In worst kennel coughs dogs are known to suffer from rhinitis which means inflammation of nasal mucous membrane.

Kennel cough is easily diagnosed by physical examination and feeling the swollen trachea. In this case the vet may put your dog on an antibiotic as well as a cough suppressant. In secondary bacterial infection the canine may feel depressed, feverish and may pass a yellowish discharge while sneezing. Dogs are seen to be either aggressive or totally lethargic with complete loss of appetite.

Canine kennel cough needs to be attended immediately as this can at times lead to severe pneumonia as well as canine distemper ,both as worse as the other and both equally dangerous to the life of your canine.Usually dogs who are not affected badly ,are still as active as ever and will still have their appetite.

Immunization as a preventive measure for kennel cough is highly recommended. Though this disease is caused by multiple organisms, so vaccination cannot give 100% protection .The only benefit of immunization will be the canine will not suffer from severe kennel cough.

The vet may rub Larynx on the dg ,if the dog coughs ,he is daigose with kennel cough .While coughing if the dog produces mucus the vet may recommend an Xray to see the severity of the kennel cough . The color of the mucus showcases severity of the infection ,mucus ranges from white to green color ,green color means the dog is in danger and needs treatment immediately.

Kennel cough lasts from 7 to 21 days .Treatment for kennel cough is as follows-

Kennel cough is a contagious infection ,to fight any infection it is necessary for the dog to have a strong immune system.

Homeopathy also till some extent help kennel cough ,but in mild cases only.

If the dog is already infected with kennel cough and has frequent spells of cough ,a cough suppressant is advisable .A preventive antibiotic is also recommended to avoid the infection going on to the secondary stage.

In case of mild kennel cough no major antibiotics are given as the dog is active and is eating well. In a course of time the infection will ward off.

Mild to moderate kennel cough takes 7 to 21 days to get better ,in this case no major treatment is necessary.

In severe cases antibiotic named Azithromycin is given to treat kennel cough at a severe stage ,extreme care is very necessary at this stage further infection can lead to pneumonia as well as canine distemper which can be very dangerous for your pet.

Kennel Cough Treatment info is online 24/7.

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