Halls Cough Drops

Halls Cough Drops are popular. Cough drops or cough lozenges are more like cough suppressants ,cough drops are used as cough as well as sore throat relievers .Their soothing effect on the throat can help in temporary relief from dry cough and sourness of the throat.

Cough drops are very effective in solving sourness of throat and giving temporary relief to throat irritation and cough caused due to throat irritation.

Halls is one of the oldest and the most popular pharmaceutical brand making cough drops. Halls is a registered trade mark of Halls Brothers company, this company was founded in 1893, much later in 1964 Warner -Lambert along with Pfizer took over from Halls Brothers and registered Halls under the brand name of Cadbury- Schweppes in 1971. Halls cough drops was first founded in Britain before it became a household name world wide.

Halls had started with cough drops in eucalyptus flavor ,in the beginning those cough drops became very popular and the company went on to become the most popular world brand in cough drops as well as cough suppressants.

There are many flavors that were introduced by the company later such as-

Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Citrus Blend flavor

Cherry flavor

Honey- lemon Flavor

Ice Blue Peppermint Flavor

Mentho-Lyptus Flavor

Spearmint Flavor

Strawberry Flavor

Tropical Fruit Flavor

Pina Colada Flavor

In China Green tea flavored Cough drops were also introduced.The ingredients used for making these halls cough drops is mentioned below

Cherry cough drops

They have 7mg of Menthol 12.8 Eucalyptol combined with Blue 2 Flavors Glucose syrup Red 40 . This flavor is a real favorite especially among children.

Honey - Lemon cough drops have 8mg of Menthol Beta Carotene, Flavors ,Glucose Syrup, Honey ,Soy Lecithin ,Sucrose. Honey lemon is said to have a soothing effect on our throat ,for centuries people have been consuming honey as a reliever for sore throat.

Ice Blue Peppermint has 11.2 mg of Menthol ,Blue flavor 1 glucose syrup and sucrose, being a strong flavor ice blue peppermint is very effective incases of dry cough.

Mentho- Lyptus is a registered cough drop formulae containing 6.5 mg of Menthol Glucose syrup and sucrose, this cough drop is well known and extremely effective in clearing sore throat.

Spearmint cough drops contain 5.6 mg of Menthol Beta carotene Blue 1 flavor glucose syrup soy lecithin ,sucrose known for its active effectiveness for throat irritation.

Strawberry cough drops contain menthol 3.1 mg Red 40 flavors Glucose syrup sucrose ,favorite among children strawberry cough drops are vital for the throat as it contains high level of vitamin C which is known to be effective in throat infection.

Tropical Fruit contains 3.1 mg of Menthol FD&C red no.40 flavors glucose syrup sucrose and water .

Major halls cough drops are made of flavors rich in Vitamin C ,Vitamin C is said to be very effective in curing of cold cough and throat related ailments.

There are many new flavors launched in fruit flavors especially for children the new flavors to be launched are cool berry, cool creamy orange ,creamy strawberry, tropical chill, cool citrus blend.

Halls has also taken the initiative to launch sugar free flavors for their diabetic as well as fitness freak patients.

Halls being one of the oldest and the most reputed brands in cough drops and their keenness to keep inventing more and more flavors have kept them reigning the cough drop market for centuries.

Halls Cough Drops can be found even online.

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