Cough Variant Asthma

Cough Variant Asthma is an important consition to note. Cough variant Asthma is unlike the normal asthma ,it has nothing to do with sneezing or shortness of breath. Cough variant asthma is more like a chronic cough ailment. Sever chronic cough which lasts as long as 6 to 8 weeks is termed as Cough variant asthma.

Coughing which occurs in this kind of asthma is usually dry cough not accompanied with sputum.

People suffering from cough variant asthma usually have no association with other asthma symptoms of breathlessness or sneezing.

Chronic coughing which goes on for a long period of time as long as 6 to 8 weeks. Coughing spells are known to occur either in the day or night.

Patients with night cough variant asthma are known to have sleepless nights ,as constant cough can interrupt a good restful night.

Cough variant asthma is known to increase with exposure to dust ,strong smell even cold air can sometime revoke cough asthma.Blood pressure medicine like Beta-blockers which are used even for heart disease migraine and palpation are also known to begin a cough which can lead to cough variant asthma.

Sometimes aspirin allergy can also lead to cough resulting later into asthma.Patients suffering from cough variant asthma are not recommend excess physical activities like running jogging or exercise ,as this has said to increase the ailment.

Chough variant asthma is more common in young children especially those who are suffered from common asthma when they were younger.Cough variant asthma can further lead to sneezing as well as breathlessness.

There is no particular cause for cough variant asthma ,its not viral any person prone to allergies or excess exposure to cold air can develop his asthma.Many people with the prevailing problem of sinusitis are known to develop cough variant asthma in the long run.

Its not easy diagnosing cough variant asthma ,as physical examination and chest X-ray will not detect anything. For diagnosing cough variant asthma you need to take a spirometer test ,if your symptoms and spirometer test does not mention asthma then doctors advice a special test ,called methacholine test ,this test requires special facilities. In this test ,patients are required to inhale methacholin ,if you have asthma the methacholin will cause spasm In your airways and narrow the passage of air. After the test a bronchodilator is given to the patients to open the airway which had narrowed due to methacholin.

Doctors also use regular asthma medicines to treat cough ,if the patient responds to the asthma medicine for their cough they are diagnosed with cough variant asthma. Cough variant asthma requires the same medication and care required for regular asthma ,an asthma inhaler with albuterol ipratropium and some anti-inflammatory agents are given to inhale on.

Cough variant asthma takes it own time course ,so precaution and care is required to keep it at bay. Recovery from cough variant asthma is a slow gradual process , minimum time of 6 weeks is required for the medicines to start showing results.

Cough Variant Asthma - ask your physician to learn more today.

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