Cough Syrup

Cough Syrup is available for young and old. Cough syrups are liquid medicines or syrups to treat coughing sore throat as well as throat infection.

Coughs are of 2 kinds dry cough and cough accompanied with mucas or phlegm.

Cough suppressants are syrups given for dry cough, these suppressants repress the body's urge to cough.

Where as productive coughs that is coughs accompanied with mucas or phlegm are taken care by giving cough expectorants, these expectorants help in removal of mucas from the chest and clearing the respiratory passage.

Cough Suppressant are syrups given to suppress the body from coughing. Suppressants act on the brain as well as the respiratory organ of the body. Cough suppressants contain a certain kind of anesthetics which helps in reduction of sensation of the throat nerves, this kind of suppressant can control cough for a certain period of time but there is no evidence of them being completely effective in clearing coughing.

Some doctors do not recommend cough suppressants as they do not feel right about repressing the reflex action of the body. But at times persistent coughing can lead to lung damages as well as infection of the chest and further create a long series of ailment.However it is recommended to treat dry cough specially if the cough exhaust you as well as cough occurrence in the night creates disturbances in your sleep.

Cough Expectorants is derived from a Latin word which means out of the chest. Expectorants are given when cough is followed by mucus ,expectorants are cough syrups which help in exclusion of tracheal mucus. Expectorants are cough syrups which can be used even as cough suppressant decongestants fever as well as pain relievers.

Cough drops are also a form of cough syrup effective in treating cough related ailments. Cough drops are throat lozenges they are tablets which need to be sucked and their soothing effect help in relieving sore throat as well as cough.

Cough drops are tiny sweetened sweets which contain menthol, this anesthetizes the throat passage relieving coughing for certain period of time. The most well known companies of cough drops are Ricola ,Fisherman's friend, Halls, Vicks, Strepsils and Luden's .

Many cough Syrup contain suppressants as well as expectorants ,these cough syrups are effective in treating dry cough as well as productive cough that is cough followed by passing of mucus. Cough syrups usually have small traces of sleeping doses ,so it is advisable not to drive or engage in any form of out door activity after having a dose of cough syrup especially cough expectorant.

Cough syrup nowadays are available in many flavors ,pharmaceutical companies are increasing the number of flavors to attract adults as well as children.Cough is a common ailment , at least 1 in every 5 patients in the doctors clinic are visiting for cough related problem. Cough have no fixed time of recovery some coughs may get better in 3 to 4 days some may take weeks and some serious cough ailments take a long treatment of even 8 t 9 months to show gradual improvement.

Cough Syrups are available on the web and offline n stores all over.

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