Cough Suppressant

Cough Suppressant advice can be helpful. Drugs used to treat and cure all kinds of cough and throat ailments are called cough syrups. Cough syrups are of 2 kinds Expectorants and Suppressants .

Cough Expectorants are given to treat productive cough ,the expectorant helps in loosening of the mucus from the respiratory passage and coming out accompanied by cough.

Cough Suppressants or antitussives are given to relieve dry cough. Cough suppressants are used to suppress cough ,cough is a reflex action of the body . Coughing occurs when there is spurring in the sensory nerves of the respiratory passage. Respiratory passage are the tubes we use for breathing.

When someone continuously coughs, there is less breath taken in the voice box closes momentarily ,the muscles used for breathing In our chest and abdomen contract , when the above happens there is a reflex action in which the pressure to breathe out increases forcing the voice box to open .This forced reflex action is called coughing.

Coughing is a reflex action which is more like a defense mechanism for the body It is a way of sterilizing the lungs and the respiratory tubes. As prolonged dust and dirt In the lungs can lead to serious chest infection.

Cough suppressants act on the brain directly as well as the respiratory organ.

Suppressants that act on the brain directly are dextromethorphan ,noscapine,enthyl morphine and codeine. Peripherally acting suppressants include local anesthetics, this helps in reducing the sensation of the nerves In the respiratory organ and demulcents the nerves which coat the esophagus.

One category of suppressants are vapor administered , like vaporub .in this camphor is the active ingredient as well as menthol ,these suppressants work well too.Though cough syrups are known to cover the throat area and sooth away irritation, there is no direct evidence of suppressing of cough.

Some people are not in favor of suppressing cough with the help of cough suppressants. In mild cough the use of suppressants may not even be necessary but in severe cases of coughing suppressants become necessary as severe coughing can lead to lung damage. Excessive night coughing also needs suppressants as an un peaceful sleep can lead to severe headache along with restlessness.

Cough reflexes' are very strong and cannot be suppressed 100% ,however cough suppressants are known to give temporary relief from excessive coughing. Earlier doctors prescribed codeine s a cough suppressant ,but recent studies have found theobromine ,a compound of cacao more useful in suppressing irritable and persistent cough. This compound is said to be very useful in removing the itchiness of throat caused due to dry coughing. Dark chocolates can also be used as a form of cough suppressant ,as it contains the compound cacao which is effective for suppressing throat itchiness in turn reducing dry cough. Cough drops are also a form of cough suppressant ,they too can be very useful in treating dry cough as well as soothing throat irritation.

Cough suppressants are an effective way of getting rid of dry cough throat irritation ,but it should be used in case of complete necessity .no medicine is good every medicine has some sough of side effects ,the lesser used is better for health.

Cough Suppressants can sure help.

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