Cough Medicines

Cough Medicines are available over the counter and by presescriptions for the serious cough. In fact, a cough is a repetitive contraction of the thoracic cavity, which causes violent release of air from lungs with a distinctive sound. Coughs are annoying and all of us suffer from them time to time. There is nothing to worry about them. If coughs turn bad then you should concern doctor or help yourself by using proper cough medicines. Coughs are of two types, dry cough and productive cough.

Children can also suffer from nasal allergy cough. This may cause due to mold, pollens, dust mites, cigarette smoke and pet dander. Antihistamines can cure this or even cotisone based nasal sprays are effective.

A cough medicine is used for treating cough and related medical problems. Dry coughs need to be treated by cough suppressants while productive cough needs to be treated by expectorants.

Dry cough occurs when phlegm or mucus is not produced. You should take treatment for nonproductive i.e dry cough because due to dry coughing you can suffer from irritation of throat, chest muscles ache and hoarseness. Dry cough mostly causes due to exposure to dust or smoke. Dry coughs can be treated by suppressants.

Suppressants are cough medicines, which calms down the cough, by suppressing it. Suppressants treat cough locally or centrally to suppress the cough reflex. Vapor-administered substances can also treat dry cough. Active ingredient in vapor-administered substances is camphor, which is effective as cough suppressant. The vapors you inhale numb the throat and reduce cough. Some of the cough suppressants are Dextromethorphan, Codeine and Pholcodine. Cough medicines having initials DM in their name contain dextromethorphan in them.

Productive cough produces sputum. Productive cough could be a symptom of some other disease like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sinusitis, pneumonia, bronchitis or tuberculosis. Physicians don't suggest suppressing of productive cough, as it clears mucus from your lungs. Productive cough needs to be treated by expectorants.

Expectorants are cough medicines, which help lossening of mucus from respiratory track making it easier to cough-up. Expectorants help to get rid of the mucus, which can infect your lungs if it gets accumulated. Accumulation of mucus in lungs increase the chances of infection. So this type of productive cough should not be suppressed by intake of suppressants. Else they may lead to diseases like pneumonia and bronchitis. Some of the cough expectorants are Guaifenesin and Ipecacuanha. Some cough medicines contain decongestant along with the expectorant to dry up a runny nose.

Throat lozenge means cough drops. These are nothing but tablets, which you can suck to soothe the throat or to control excessive coughing. Cough tablets got the name lozenge cause of their original shape.

These tablets are small in size with artificial sweeteners, which contain anesthetic, menthol or eucalyptus oil. Some lozenges contain oral demulcents such as pectin, glycine or zinc gluconate. Some lozenges even contain dextromethorphan. If consumed in large amounts throat lozenges can harm you as they contain some active ingredients.

Cough Medicines are sold online and off.

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