Cough Assist

Cough Assist is important to note. Coughing occurs when there is spurring in the sensory nerves of the respiratory passage. Respiratory passage are the tubes we use for breathing.

When someone continuously coughs, there is less breath taken in the voice box closes momentarily ,the muscles used for breathing In our chest and abdomen contract , when the above happens there is a reflex action in which the pressure to breathe out increases forcing the voice box to open .This forced reflex action is called coughing.

One out of every 3 patients in a doctors clinic will more than liekly be suffering from some kind of cough or throat ailment. Cough has various reasons ,to surface some of them being viral infection as well as bacterial infection.

There are; however, many medications are well as devices that assist patients in loosening their bronchial expulsions for easier passing of mucus. These medications and cough assistance are very helpful for patients who suffer from severe bronchitis, chronic cough, persistent cough, as well as pneumonia .

Cough assist is a devise especially made for bronchitis patients ,this device helps patients to secret bronchial secretions, which they cant remove for themselves.Cough assist is a safe device which helps the patient from damaging their air passage as well as their respiratory organs. The process of slow inhaling and rapid exhaling improves the airflow which stimulates the cough process and helps in secretion of muscus thus helping in clearing the chest of infections.

Cough assist is available in 2 kinds Manual cough assist and automatic cough assist.

The automatic cough assist is called Automatic cycling CA-3000 .The manual cough assist is called Manual Cough Control CM-3000.Cough assist is also known as Cough simulating device.

Cough assist is a portable battery operated device ,the device uses a blower and a valve tp give positive and negative pressure to the air passages of the suffering patient assisting the patient in clearing his bronchial mucus . Once the mucus is loosened ,the secretions are then throw out of the chest by the productive cough .Thus clearing the patients chest of bronchitis infection .

This device is very helpful for patients suffering from asthma, bronchitis, chronic cough , this is especially useful for elderly patients who are weak and excessive coughing can result in exhausting and weakening them. Cough assist or sough stimulating device is also very useful for patients with Neuromuscular disease as well as patients suffering from high level spinal corn injury. Cough Assist - ask your doctor about it.

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