Chronic Cough

Chronic Cough can be a serious issue. Coughing is one of the most common ailments everyone from infants to younger children to teenagers to adults to older people are suffering from in some way or another.

One out of every 3 patients in a doctors clinic will be suffering from some kind of cough or throat ailment.

Cough has various reasons ,to surface some of them being viral infection as well as bacterial infection. Smoking can be a grave reason for chronic smoking. Disturbances due to particles In the air pipes of the respiratory organ can also be a cause for chronic coughing. Chronic coughing can persist from weeks to years too, chronic coughing has often seen patients moving from one physician o the other finding relief for their never ending ailment. Chronic coughing can lead to upsetting ones life style, disturbed night sleep, regular chest pain urine incontinence making it difficult to travel for longer durations.

Chronic Cough is an ailment which takes it own time course to heal ,coughs can cause anxiety in the patients as well as their physician. Chronic Coughing is an ailment whose reason cannot be diagnosed easily ,once the right diagnosis for coughing is found the treatment would follow relieving the patient from this never ending ailment. Successful remedy for cough ailment is right diagnosis.

A cough is labeled as a chronic cough once its existence exceeds more than 3 weeks.

Chronic cough can have various reasons ,the reasons vary from smoking to chronic chest infection to bronchitis.

Successful elimination of chronic cough requires perfect diagnosis and this can be done only with the help of the history of the patient and his or hers life style.

You need to now whether the patient is suffering from cough or its just clearing of throat?

The physician needs to know whether the cough is a dry cough or a mucus following cough? If productive cough what kind of mucus is accompanying the cough?

What are the symptoms of the cough ,is the cough accompanied with fever sweating or weigh loss? A detailed history of the patients work and home environment ? History of the patients past illnesses or medicines eaten in the past as well as history of any kind of genetic illness? History of allergies ?

The above mentioned questions can be very useful in diagnosing the right cause of coughing and help in getting rid of the ailment. Patients are known to suffer from chronic cough due to multiple reasons, though the most common reasons being smoking asthma viral infection as well as post -nasal drip.

Chronic cough is very common in people who have suffered from asthma in their earlier lives. In elderly people who have a history of suffering from heart strokes have also known to suffer from chronic cough at a later stage.

Coughing is a common problem the severity of the cough is the real issue ,even after long treatments and therapies if chronic cough still persists it is best advisable to visit a specialist for further treatment. Successful elimination of cough ailment is recognizing the root of the problem and giving treatment on those terms.

Chronic Coughs shouldn't be takne lightly.

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