Concrete Sealer

Sometimes it is easy to buy into the myth that a concrete driveway will last forever. After all, concrete is one of the most durable surfaces we know of which is why it is used so much for driveways, floors and other surfaces we want to be able to use for a long time. And when it comes to indoor uses of concrete, it does last for decades and decades. You notice that when an old house is torn down and the concrete floor is still in great shape.

But concrete is not indestructible. This is particularly true when it comes to outdoor uses of concrete such as a patio or driveway application. Of course, that truth is pretty evident when you see some older driveways that have cracked or begun to crumble and deteriorate. One cause is the intense use a driveway undergoes. A 2000 plus car parking or driving on a driveway every day is going to take a tool on that surface.

The problem of deterioration of your concrete driveway can get much worse during extremes of weather. The summer heat will cause the ground to shift under the concrete which can create cracks. Water can get down into those cracks and erosion can begin to take its toll. Then when the colder weather comes, the water freezes which pushes the cracks apart and begins to break up the concrete. Over a number of years that damage can get so bad that you will find yourself replacing the driveway if you donít take action early on to put a stop to it.

To get out ahead of this problem, many professionals will apply a sealant to the concrete once the slab is poured as a final step to give your driveway a long life. This kind of treatment is the best possible way to preserve and give long life to your investment in that driveway or any outdoor concrete installation for that matter. An additional benefit though is that it can do a lot to make that part of your home more attractive. And while most of us donít try that hard to have a beautiful driveway, if a sealant makes it look good, thatís a nice side benefit.

The process of applying the driveway sealant is not difficult. Yes, many people do have professionals apply it but in reality, you could just have the contractors lay the driveway and apply it yourself. Just pick up some sealant at the local hardware store and follow the instructions. It lays down pretty neatly. And once you get an understanding of the equipment and the process, it is a valuable skill to know.

Being able to apply sealant to your outdoor concrete surfaces is, in fact, not a one time event. By keeping an eye on your driveway patio or any other concrete surfaces, you will notice when it is time to apply the sealant again. But because you have that awareness and the skills and materials to take care of your investment, that concrete will last for decades and serve you well.

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