Concrete Resurfacing

Because of planned obsolescence, we are a society that leans toward throwing away something that is run down or broken and just replacing it with a new and up to date model. That is all well and good when it comes to your microwave oven or alarm clock. But when it comes to a driveway or flooring project, to "throw away" the old concrete installation and put in new is a costly and time consuming job.

More importantly, in many cases, it really is not necessary to tear out the old concrete surface when it has developed breaks or cracks or when time has caused it to become uneven and hard to use. All you have to do is get an estimate for the costs of completely replacing that driveway or floor compared to resurfacing it and you will see that the option of fix it rather than replace it makes a lot of sense when it comes to concrete projects.

Resurfacing is a great way to take an old, discolored and damaged floor or driveway and make it good as new. But it is also a good way to take a plain concrete floor installation and laying on top of it something that is colorful and stylish. By simply preparing the floor to be recovered, an overlay can be placed directly on top of the old floor that is tinted or customized to fit your grand vision for that room. This approach to overhauling an interior is far more cost effective and it takes advantage of the strength of that original installation to support the more attractive overlay you have put in place.

The steps of resurfacing a floor are pretty cut and dried. To clean that surface is a given but it must be a thorough cleaning that not only gets chips and dust from the deteriorated floor up but any other debris that might have collected on that floor. A grinder can be used to break up any lose cracks of the concrete surface and a pressure washer is a good tool for the final cleaning.

Once the floor is clean, you will use a primer to fill all holes and cracks in that surface. Patching the surface is a step to give some time to so you fill all of the damaged areas. But before you apply carpet or paint the resurfaced concrete, you will go back and smooth and polish the patched parts of the floor with a grinder and polisher until to the touch you cannot discern the old flooring from the new.

When your preparation work has been done, the range of alternatives for how to resurface that floor are diverse including staining, overlaying the surface with a colorful new layer of concrete or applying tile or carpet. Each of these will result in a floor that is much better than what you started out with and one that will be strong and ready for years of use due to the care you took in resurfacing that concrete floor.

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