Concrete Paint

Nothing can make a home look more run down and old than a concrete surface that has begun to look dingy and discolored. In most cases, all you really expect from your concrete surfaces is to not draw attention to themselves. But in some cases such as a concrete floor in an interior room, the look of that flooring can be just as much part of the look and feel of your home as a hardwood floor.

We get the impression that once concrete is down, it will never change. But just as is true of any other building material, concrete can deteriorate, develop cracks or take on colors as a result of use or exposure to other chemicals. And anyone who has tried to get oil stains out of a driveway knows, once concrete takes on a color, that color tends to stay there for a very long time.

There are several solutions to fixing a run down looking concrete surface. Obviously, the most drastic is to tear it out and re-pour the flooring, driveway or patio with completely new concrete. Yes, this will work but it is very expensive, time consuming and it will disrupt the home. Above all, it really isnt necessary when there is another option that works well and can result in a surface that is far more attractive than even a new concrete floor and that is to paint.

If you want to make one of the walls or the exterior of your home look better, it is common to paint. So it should not be to surprising that the same approach can be used to make a run down looking concrete surface look good as new. In fact, you can even go one step further and put some creativity into your painting project and make that concrete surface look exciting, youthful, fun and interesting. In that way, that area of your home can go from the most run down looking room to a showcase that is decorated in a stimulating and fashionable way. And it all starts with a good coat of paint on the floor.

Obviously, you will need to get familiar with what kinds of paint are available that are made specifically to work with concrete. But you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the diversity of colors is strong and the composition of the paint has been customized to the kind of room or outdoor surface you are going to paint. For a surface where you need good footing, you can buy paint for concrete that has sand mixed in with the composition to give better traction. And for outdoor projects, you want your paint to be fade resistant and able to stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

Look at the surface to be treated and make a good plan to prepare for the project. Cracks and broken areas should be patched and smoothed with a grinder so when you paint, you can gloss over that flaw so it essentially disappears. Then when you have the surface repaired and clean, you can do your magic and transform that bland concrete surface into something fun and new all with a simple and inexpensive paint job.

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