Concrete Overlay

While most of the time a concrete floor is something you really don’t notice, the time you do begin to notice it is when it starts to look run down. That "nasty floor" look can come from cracks, areas where stains have taken hold or parts of the flooring that have begun to break apart so chunks have pulled out. Nothing makes a home look more like it is a derelict structure than a concrete floor in that bad of shape.

There are a couple of things you can do about a floor that has gotten to this level of disrepair. You can patch it, which is not a bad choice if it is a floor that doesn’t have to look good. But a patch is not a really durable solution and you will probably be able to see where the repair was done.

Another option is to tear the old floor out and replace it entirely. This, for obvious reasons, is a radical and expensive way to go. It is far more expensive than even the initial installation of the flooring because of the cost of removal and the need for skilled demolition people who can remove the old flooring without hurting the integrity of the structure.

These are the reasons that many people chose to simply lay another layer of concrete over the last one and use that overlay to make that floor as good as new without having to drastically demolish what was already there. For one thing, of the various options, it is an approach that is somewhat inexpensive especially compared to completely replacing a concrete floor. If you are going with just a base overlay, the time involved is not too demanding and it tremendously effective.

Nonetheless do your homework and preparation work well so the outcome is what you are looking for. Homework would involve consulting with people who have some knowledge of this kind of overlay work to get an understanding for what would be the best mix of concrete to use for your overlay. By combining the simple concrete mix with stones or other objects and working in tint and other ornamental effects, you can find the result is not only very durable but that it will bring a new beauty to the floor you are enhancing with an overlay.

When the time comes to actually put down the overlay, be sure you perform adequate clean up and preparation of the surface to be repaired with an overlay so you get up any debris or oil before laying down an overlay. Also, get a good feel for the time you need from the beginning of the mixing process to laying down the overlay and smoothing it and finishing it off for drying so you allocate enough time to do the job well.

Keep in mind the approach of laying down an overlay on your damaged concrete floor as a way of making that floor look good as new. It is a method that is too often overlooked because it is easy, affordable and it works.

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