Concrete Grinding

We tend to think of concrete in terms of what is on the floor of the garage or what is used to make roads. But there are a lot of artists that actually can create beautiful masterpieces with this very versatile substance. But to do so, those artists have to be able to take a mass of concrete and mold, shape and polish it to fit the vision of art that is in their heads. This calls for the ability to use some very basic concrete management tools like various sizes of grinders as well as some sheer muscle work. But just as the sculptor carves away anything that is not part of his masterpiece, that is what the great artist uses his grinder to do.

Even if you do not have a vision to use concrete to make art worthy of the Guggenheim, you may have a vision in your mind of a pedestal, a planter or some other practical item that you also want to make elegant using the tools of the trade for concrete workers. So learning to use a grinder is a first step to realizing that vision.

A grinder is not an elegant machine but it is very effective. The purpose of the device is obvious which is to grind away the rough surfaces or edges on a concrete floor or some other kind of concrete creation. The work to be done is precise and yet time consuming and demanding because to be perfectly blunt about it, you have to have the physical dexterity to both handle a grinder and to hold it in place and maneuver it to do a good job. Not only does this call for some physical strength, it calls for an eye for detail and the patience to take your time and get the job done right.

The old phrase "the right tool for the right job" definitely is appropriate when picking a grinder to do the finishing work on your concrete project. You will use a much different kind of grinder to finish out a large concrete floor than you will to put the finishing touches on a concrete statue or planter for your home. Unless you are in the business of creating concrete based products, you will probably borrow or rent the grinder you need for a day or so. If so, your supplier should have a good variety of grinders so you can pick one that is able to handle the work you have to do.

Also, think about how the grinder you are going to use works. Some grinders are electric powered and others use an internal combustion engine like a lawnmower uses. You may not want an electric cord to deal with on a grinding project that covers a lot of space. But working with a gas burning engine for tight close up work may be dangerous and the fumes unpleasant or unhealthy. So how the grinder operates is as important as the job you want it to do.

It will take some patience to learn to get the best results from this part of your concrete project. But with some persistence and practice, you can gain the skills you need to operate a grinder so the outcome is exactly what the vision in your mind looks like.

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