Concrete Grinding Tools

In any area of skilled work, there are specific tools for specific jobs. Even for the simple task of pounding a nail with a hammer, there is a wide variety of sizes and types of hammers to fit different sizes of jobs and different objectives you have in driving that nail. This principle certainly applies when it comes to the concrete industry and how you approach any task which calls for grinding concrete. But if you have the right tool to fit the job, you will breeze through each step in route to success.

One of the most important jobs that grinders do for any concrete flooring project is preparation of the existing floor so it is ready for any resurfacing, painting, tinting or patching you have in mind. For any concrete related project, starting with a smooth and clean surface is essential before any new concrete is laid or any stain or overlays are put in place. In many cases, an existing floor will become rough and uneven after years of use and shifting due to foundation movement and gravity. So to make that surface as flat and even as possible a grinder can be used to correct those flaws in the existing concrete surface.

Besides the effect you want to have on the concrete itself, a grinder is necessary to remove old paint or other things that might be adherent to the concrete surface you are refurbishing. An example might be a surface that had carpet on it for many years. Removal of that carpet does not mean that all of the carpet glue and padding remnants have been taken up from that flooring. In a situation where carpet stays on a surface for many years, the underside of the carpet or padding can be quite stubborn about coming up from the floor.

You could work for many hours and still fail if you just tried to wash that residue up. But before doing any patching in preparation for laying new carpet on that floor, that residue has to come up. A good grinder can do the job beautifully. And with a change out of the grinding pads, you can use one tool that is more coarse to take up the old residue and another pad to polish and prepare the surface for the new floor covering or carpet.

For artistic or stylistic effects you plan to integrate with your concrete project, there are grinders designed for more precision work. A flat pad grinder is great to treat a large surface area. But you need an angle grinder or one with a smaller focus area to grind out cracks or breaks in preparation for patching or to create a pattern in the concrete that is part of the overall design of the project.

Getting to know the tools of the trade is always a base skill for any trade. And whether you are going into concrete work for a living or as part of your private remodeling, the more you understand the diversity of grinding tools used to do concrete projects, the better you will be at accomplishing your goals.

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