Concrete Grinder

A concrete floor doesn’t have to be a boring surface. Left alone, a concrete floor gives the feel of a garage or work shop. And if the room you are preparing is going to have a more creative look but you are not planning on laying wood or carpet over the concrete, there is still a lot you can do to dress up that floor using stains, paint and patterns you can lay right into the floor with a precision tool like a grinder.

The great thing about learning to decorate a finished concrete surface like this is that it is a lot less expensive than having a professional craftsman who has specific talents to create a decorative concrete floor from the installation level. But even if you are a professional and have the skills to give your customers beautiful concrete floors, by knowing how to add new dimensions of color and texture to an existing concrete floor just enhances your value to new and existing customers and adds to your service offerings which will increase your income from your skills.

One way to add a lot of personality to a concrete floor is with a stain. There are two kinds of concrete stains to think about using and each has something unique to offer. An acid based stain actually changes the chemical composition of the concrete so the stain has a deeper and more realistic feel to it. You can actually get a rich look like that of marble using a acid based stain to enhance the look of plain concrete. The downside of this type of stain is there is a limit to the colors that are available to you.

Water based concrete stains offer a much greater range of colors to choose from. These kinds of stains are more like dying the concrete but you can achieve some artistic effects with them and the cost of water based concrete stains is about the same as acid based. But because water based stains opens up just about any color or tint you want, there is a world of creativity you get with that much variety at your disposal.

To really achieve some amazing effects with a simple concrete floor, you can experiment with scoring which is the art of laying a pattern into the floor using a precision grinder that you rent or buy just for this purpose. Before trying your hand at using such a grinder, learn more about the process and the types of effects that can be achieved so you know your objective. If you can even take some time and learn how to use the equipment and get the effect you want before you actually start working on your own floors, that is ideal.

Once you get the knack for using a grinder in an artistic way, you will really be proud of what you can achieve in creating a very unique and artistic look in your concrete floor. The look will be long lasting and beautiful and one you will be glad to show off any time guests are over.

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