Concrete Floor Grinder

Whenever you set out to do a top notch concrete job for a customer, that final smooth professional look is a must. A grinder that can create that finished look is just the thing to add to your equipment inventory especially if you are planning on being in the concrete construction business for the long haul and you want to have a lot of success. It is at that point in your project when the concrete has dried and you are going into the finishing touches phase that the large rotating disks of a grinder are used on a concrete floor to polish away the top sixteenth to an eighth of an inch of concrete to achieve a quality surface.

The grinder not only leaves the concrete with a smooth professional surface, it can be used to eliminate imperfections in the concrete so you have no glaring mistakes in the finished product. So this important tool gives you the same ability to smooth and polish a concrete floor that sandpaper does for a wood worker. That is a good reason to invest in a good grinder to use each and every time you lay a concrete floor.

A big problem that comes up when using a grinder to finish a concrete floor job is the dust and residue that is kicked up by the process. Not only can this extra material get under the rotating disks and make the task of polishing the concrete more difficult, it could become a breathing hazard. You know it is going to have to be cleaned up sometime. But the manufacturers of grinders for concrete floors are way ahead of us because they have added rubber sleeves and other devices to keep that residue material under control so it doesn’t impact the quality of the job you are doing.

You may have to take some time to understand not only how you want to use this versatile tool but the scope of what it can do for you. That is because there are a wide variety of grinder head accessories including brushes, stones, inserts that are diamond segmented and heads of various hardness levels to be used for different situations, different grades of concrete to be treated and different objectives. So get to know the machines both in how they are used and how get the most out of a grinder so when the time comes for you to make the investment, you get just the right tool for the jobs you most commonly do.

By doing your research and learning the many ways that grinders can be used in different concrete installation settings, you will more and more come to appreciate how much value this well designed tool can bring to your work. In many cases it will be the right tool at the right time and give you an finished product that you will genuinely be proud of.

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