Concrete Countertops

Concrete has become one of the newest and very popular types of materials being used for countertops to such an extent that it is giving other popular materials like marble, hardwoods, porcelain tile and stainless steel a run for their money. Contrary to how you might think of concrete, it is a very versatile component for building material because it can be customized to incorporate the design elements of your counters and do so much more easily than some other more conventional countertop materials.

Concrete is the type of material that can be used to mold specific inlays into it to fit what you really want in a countertop. That means if you want to have a ceramic decorative item or a cutting board made of marble built right into the counter itself, concrete adapts perfectly to that specification. And because you usually order a countertop made of concrete to order, it can be molded to the shape you want and you can specify colors and textures and level of polish and it is easily accomplished.

In fact concrete is so adaptable that you can have a sink of another composition can be installed into the countertops as they are molded. But you do have to consider price issues when it comes to such elaborate customizations. Any adaptation of the basic countertop such as embedding a cutting board or sink would require extra effort which would drive up the cost.

Along with inlays, the edgework can be finished out like any counterwork or plans can be made to lay into the edges brass or stone decorative objects or strips that will make these countertops very unique showpieces. These are all design decisions that are good to think through particularly if concrete is a candidate for your countertops and to do some imaginative design of different ways you might price out the countertops. Then when you meet with specific manufactures that can do the work for you, you already know what questions to ask.

And while you are learning how concrete is used in the design of countertops, you will have some color options that are made before the tops are even made. Tinting concrete that is going to be used for countertops is done as the concrete is mixed. This means your color is richer and deeper because it is throughout the substance, not just a surface dyeing

Just be aware as you consider this very unique kind of countertop that the concrete used to make them is not the same that is used to make your driveway. It is very specifically designed for the purpose of making an attractive and durable countertop. And that makes concrete a very good design option for you to consider.

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