What Causes Cold Sores

Cold sores are the type of facial lesions occurs on lips and area around mouth. Cold sores are also called as the fever blisters and this is the infections caused by herpes simplex viruses. There are two types of herpes simplex viruses. Type I virus causes cold sores and normally infects upper waistline tissues. On the other hand, herpes simplex virus type II infects lower waistline body tissues. Herpes simplex viruses type II is known as the genital herpes.

In many cases, attack of viruses infects the body immediately. However, cold sores infection does not show the results that much fast. In the case herpes simplex viruses attacks the body and lays dormant and in the favorable situations they will be activated and reactivate. Dormant herpes viruses come from previous herpes infection. Person with initial infection of the viruses are refer to primary herpetic stomatitis. In these peoples cold sores does not take usual form and therefore person may not relate their initial exposure to the herpes viruses to the recurrent cold sores that they get.

If the person feels that viruses have attack their body then they have to observe first sign of the symptom. This infection can be characterized by fever, headache, irritability, and paining upon swallowing. After this within one-day initial signs of the infection will occur. In this person's mouth becomes panic and gums becomes strongly reddened. Within two three days of infections number of small blisters will form through out the mouth. In short period, these blisters will rupture and results in to gray color ulcer. These ulcers are panic and irritating and often hinder in eating ability. In particular, time these ulcer will get cure. Standard time period of this ulcer is about 10 to 14 days.

Often this infection can catch the body during childhood. Some times these infections are sub clinical it means that infection runs slightly and are not clear. In this case, it is quite possible that when body is infected person will experience one or two mild mouth sores. Once body is attack by the viruses that will last in the body life long. Therefore, it is hard to remove viruses from the body; however, one can take precautionary measures to prevent them. After the attack whenever favorable condition come viruses will get activate. Therefore to avoid frequent activation of the viruses person have to prevent the triggering conditions.

These viruses activate in more exposure to sunlight, low immune system and illness. Therefore, it is mandatory to apply sunscreen lotion to lips and body before going outside. Person has to avoid stressing conditions like strain, cold and flue. In these cases, the immune system of the body becomes weak and viruses can easily activate. Inadequate amount of sleep and rest stimulates the viruses. Unsatisfactory amount of vitamins and amino acids will bring the viruses therefore to avoid this activation person has to intake proper amount of vitamins and nutrition's in the daily diet. These are some of the defensive steps that person has to follow after infection.