Spreading Cold Sores

Cold sores also called as fever blisters. This infection spreads because of the herpes simplex viruses. These viruses are contagious and infection catches the body soon. Occurrence of the viruses can be observed through the tingling of lips, small and hard spots around the area of mouth and fingers. Herpes simplex viruses enter the body through mouth and then attack the nerve cells. From the nerve cells, they move towards the ganglia there, that lay in dormant state. When the suitable condition occur viruses gets activate and shows the presence through blisters.

Symptoms of the viruses include painful, small and fluid filled blisters come on red, raised and panic area of the skin. Symptoms of blisters may comprise paining and tingling of the skin. Tingling and paining of the skin called as the prodromes and precedes the blisters by one or two days. Duration of the blisters is about seven to ten days. Areas where blisters come frequently are lips, nostrils, fingers and chin. In rare cases, they may occur inside the mouth on gums and hard palate. All these symptoms can be observed after about 20 days of attack and when out breaks last for about seven to ten days. Usually the blisters forms, breaks after some time and then leaks stick fluid. After this process, a yellow crust forms and finally sloughs off to uncover pinkish skin.

Herpes simplex viruses of type I cause the cold sores. However, herpes simplex viruses of type II cause genital herpes. Person can infect either in the childhood or when comes in the contact with person having active lesion. Another reason of spreading viruses is the sharing of eating utensils, razors and towels. Once viruses infect the body, they appear and reappear on the skin depending upon the conditions. In the suitable condition, they appear and in unfavorable conditions, they lay dormant. Cold sores may come in the active state when the person exposes more in the sunlight.

Body with low immune also gets attack by the viruses. Frequently more stress also activates the viruses and blisters breakouts. Therefore, to avoid the triggering of the blisters you have to avoid the stress and try for proper rest. As the viruses is contagious person need to avoid kissing as well as skin contact with the peoples suffering with active lesions. Pricking and itching blisters spreads the infection and therefore person should not touch the blisters. In case of accidental touch, wash hands immediately. This will prevent the spreading of infection in other parts of the body.

Along with these precautionary measures person must try to avoid triggering of the blisters. If possible, try to avoid condition of cold and flue as these can trigger the viruses in the body. Besides the precautionary measures, one has to take care of themselves. Regular application of over the counter (OTC) crèmes can give comfort. To decrease the pain from the blisters person may consume OTC pain reliever. In suppress and healing blisters ice and warm tea bags are useful.