Preventing Cold Sores

Cold sores are also known as oral herpes and occur because of the viral infection. Attack of herpes simplex viruses causes the cold sores. These viruses enter through the mouth and attacks on the nerve cells. Viruses then travel towards the ganglia by the use of nervous system. In the ganglia these viruses rest and eventually with favorable conditions is activated. Attack of the viruses will be permanent and do not leave the body; therefore it is hard to remove them. Consequently, to stay away from the infection you need to prevent it.

If you find rash that is turning in to blisters around the area of mouth then these blisters are of the cold sores. These blisters eventually turn in to dry slab. This is the first symptom of the infection. Blisters will appear for period and then again disappears. This cycle will continue for moths and years. Reappearance of the blisters depends on the triggering. Therefore, to prevent the blisters we need to keep control over the triggering. If skin is itching, irritating, and tingling, then you have to understand the signals of the blisters. On such skin, apply antiviral cream. To apply the cream first you need to wash your hands. Do not apply cream with hands instead of using hands prefer cotton buds for application.

However, this step seems to be extra precautionary but you have to follow them. Usually viruses attack the body with low immune systems. Therefore, to defense virus body need to be with strong immune system. Tiredness, stress or other illness are the major reasons of low immune. Hence, healthy life can go a long way to prevent blisters out breaks.

Beside these entire if you are already suffering with the infection then you have to take precautionary steps to avoid spreading the infections. However, this disease is not dangerous but is embarrassing. You can prevent spreading of the infection by avoiding kiss. The people suffering with the infection try to avoid kiss or should not engage in oral sex. Rubbing and itching spreads the infection to non-affected area. Therefore, do not touch the cold sores and other area of the skin. In case of touching the blisters, immediately wash the hands to avoid the infection. Not only in these cases but they need to adopt the habit of regular hand washing.

Do not try to hide the cold sores with make up because chemicals use in the cosmetics infects more. To prevent the infection never share the cosmetics mainly lipsticks. Not only the cosmetics but also the persons try to avoid sharing of food, drinks or towels. Regular application of antiviral cream helps in healing and decreases the contamination of the viruses. Herpes simplex viruses are contagious during out breaking but can spreads infection before and after out breaking period. They spread infection in the reproduction period also.