Pictures Of Cold Sores

Cold sore is an infection caused by Herpes simplex viruses. This infection is highly contagious and passed on through skin-to-skin contact. The viruses infect when the person is exposed to person with active lesion. These viruses enter through lips and attack the nerve cell of the body then these viruses travel towards the ganglia. In the ganglia viruses take rest and when triggered are activated. Presence of the viruses can be observed through the out breaking of blisters or cold sores near mouth and nose area. Out breaking of cold sores includes burning, itching and tingling of the area. Subsequent to this within few hors this area becomes red with small stick and honey colored fluid filled blisters occurs on that area. Frequently all these small blister together makes a large blisters.

Once the viruses attack the body it never departs. However activation and deactivation continuous through out the life. Therefore, person has to avoid triggering of these viruses with precautionary measures. More exposure to sunlight activates the viruses therefore person has to avoid more exposure and while going out side apply sunscreen lotion to body. Application of sunscreen will decrease the irritation of the skin. Strain, illness and vitamin or nutrients deficiency also triggers the viruses. Therefore, to avoid triggering of viruses try to intake healthy food and regular exercise. This will keep the triggering away.

With these remedies person has to gather proper knowledge to avoid infection. For this purpose many libraries provides different books with cold sores pictures and articles about it. These books will give clear idea about the cold sores. These libraries constantly update their collection of books and therefore it is very effective way to gather the knowledge of such diseases.

In spreading the knowledge Medical journals also contributes more that provides latest updates on cold sores pictures and articles to doctors and medical students. These medical journals are easily available in the dispensaries and clinics. Medical journals are easy and quick way for knowledge of pictures and articles updating and better understanding.

Peoples can update or gather knowledge through various online websites like


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There are so many websites available through which we can gain sufficient knowledge relating to the disease. With the help of these various ways, one has to gather appropriate information and try to avoid being infected by the viruses. Pictures of cold sores are really effective method to understand what the infection is and how does it look like when one has this virus in him.