How To Get Rid Of Cold Sores Fast

Cold sores or fever blister is the infection of the herpes simplex viruses. When the person comes in the contact with infected person or share there things viruses enters the body of normal person through the mouth. Frequently these viruses attack the nerve tissues and then they travel for the ganglia through nervous system. In the ganglia, they rest some period and when any favorable conditions come, they are activated.

Various triggers activate the sores. More exposure to the sunlight will bring the viruses in active stage therefore to avoid this one have to apply sunscreen lotion up to SPF15 while going out side. Particularly lips need to be protected with the sunscreen lotions. Lips are more sensitive to the infections and it is the entry for viruses therefore they need to be protected. This will prevent the blister out breaking.

These remedies are helpful to cure and decrease the pains regarding cold sore but consumes more time. Seldom situation may occur that one has to attend important meeting or function and cold sores out breaks. In such conditions, fast healing is required. In this situation, infected people must try for the fast relieving measures. One of the ways is to hold ice on the sore until the ice melts. Some times applying nail paint remover on the cold sores also proves effects.

Another way to reduce the cold sores is tea bags. Tea bag contains tannic acid that is helpful to prevent further growth of the blisters. You have to put the tea bags on the blisters for four to five times per hour to reduce the pains and cure the blisters. This is also suitable for upcoming blisters. To depress the out braked cold sores put warm tea bag on the blister for about 20 to 30 minutes for five days. This is the effective way of healing the cold sores.

Try to avoid high intake of arginine food like peas, chocolates, peanuts, oatmeal, grains, whole wheat and seeds. This will also help in healing the blisters. To shield your body from the viruses try to include healthy diet. Therefore, supplement your diet with adequate amount of vitamins, and proteins. Intake of vitamin B complex and folic acid are particularly beneficial.

All these remedies are helpful in getting rid of the cold sores. However, along with these steps one has to take some precautionary measures to avoid the infection. Infected person should not use the common utensils as they can also spread the infection. Viruses can spreads through sharing of cups, plates, razors, towels, cosmetics and other things. Person may be infected either in the child hood or in contact with the infected persons.

Therefore, infected person should stay away from the act of kissing. Skin to skin infection is dominant in the cold sores and therefore person need to avoid skin touch and oral sex with the infected person.