Home Remedies For Cold Sores

Cold sores are the infection caused by the herpes simplex viruses. Viruses enter the body through the mouth and the attacks the nerve cells. From the nerve tissues they travel towards the ganglia and lay dormant. When these viruses get trigger gets activate and shows the presence in the form of blisters around the mouth area, fingers and on genital organs. Often these cold sores are panic and irritating filled with golden sticky fluid. It is hard to flush them out but one can prevent the infection or out breaking of the blisters. Normally blisters completes period of three weeks when comes first time or come subsequently and after this time period they again go in the dormant stage.

But many of the time situation may occur that person has any important task to do and within that period blisters out breaks. To cure them each time popping up the tablets is not the right way and therefore one need to try some home remedies to cure. Some of the things are helpful to decrease the discomfort and speed up the healing. To cure the blister fast you have to cover them with the petroleum jelly. This will protects the skin from secondary infection with the bacteria of the viruses along with curing the blisters.

Long exposure to the sunlight also increases the possibilities of blisters therefore while going outside you have to apply sunscreen lotion to body as well as lips as they are more sensitive. On the other side if you try to hide the blister with make up they will reactivate soon. Chemicals in make up can make the sores worse and therefore don't try to cover them with makeup. Person with orofacial infection try to avoid sharing particularly lipstick or any other cosmetics to prevent the infection.

Use of new toothbrush also helps to reduce the contamination of viruses. Often blisters are panic and therefore to reduce the pains painkillers are helpful along with tablets anesthetic ointments are also helpful to numb the pain. Ointment containing benzocaine is helpful to reduce the pain. If the person has frequent or severe cold sores then they need to consult doctor for proper health care. To keep the blisters away avoid salty and acidic food. Salty food like potato chips or citrus fruits can irritate the blisters and add pain.

Cold sores are very contagious therefore person with orofacial infection avoid kissing and sharing cups, towels or other things. They need to wash there hands frequently after touching the sores as they can spread more if touched with eyes and genital organs. Another trigger to activate the virus is stress. Therefore one has to keep the stress away with the help of meditation and exercise.

Blister can spread by squeezing, pricking or pinching the cold sore, therefore avoid doing it and wash hands after each touch. For accidental situations it will be good practice to keep hand sanitizer with infected person. This will help the person to reduce infection of blisters if there is no wash basin to wash hands.

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