Herpes Cold Sores

Herpes cold sore is a common illness caused by the herpes simplex viruses. One can easily characterized this infection by noticing a bunch of fluid filled blisters that appears either on red area of the skin or the mucous membrane. After activation, these blisters heal fast, however, they have tendency to reappear.

Viruses of cold sores are of two types, one is herpes simplex type I (HSV I) and other is herpes simplex type II (HSV II). HSV I cause the cold sores and HSV II causes genital herpes that comes on the genital organs of the body.

However, both types of viruses can infect any area of skin and mucous membrane. Almost 80% of the adult peoples have antibodies against HSV I in their body where as about 25% of adult peoples have antibodies against HSV II. Usually viruses transmit through close personal contact with active lesion. These viruses will attack the body in childhood but will never shows symptoms until teen age.

Entry of the viruses in the body is through mouth and then attacks the nerve cells. From there they travel towards the ganglia via nervous system. In ganglia viruses lays in dormant state. In the positive situations viruses comes in active stage and cold sores will out breaks. Weak defense of body to viruses lead to reactivation of the viruses and blisters will again out breaks.

Infection of these viruses can progress in different ways. Some of the peoples have mild or no symptoms. When the viruses gets active they will out breaks the blisters. First out break of blisters starts one to two weeks after the activation and collapse few weeks later. Afterward whenever the viruses will activate blisters will return. Symptom of out breaking is unpleasant tingling feeling in the skin; subsequently number of fluid filled blisters will appear on the skin. Later on scab will cover all the sores and will fall within 8 to 10 days. Until scab covers the sores viruses spreads infection continuously.

Therefore, to avoid the infection by the viruses avoid direct contact with the sores. If such contact occurs, viruses will spread the infection every part of the body that includes fingers and genital organs. You have to wash your hands regularly particularly when you touch lips. Picking at the sores need to be avoided, as this will lead in spreading the viruses as well as it will result in bacterial infection of the sores. To avoid the reactivation of the viruses body need to healthy and therefore try to include healthy food in your regular diet. Key to avoid the infection is varied diet, regular exercise and enough sleep.

Major triggering that activates the viruses is fever, long exposure to sunlight, pregnancy, and menstruation. However, triggering varies from person to person. Therefore, while going out apply sunscreen lotion to the body and also consume healthy and nutritive food. This will help you in shielding the body from infection and reactivation.

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