Get Rid Of Cold Sores

Cold sores are also known as the fever blisters. Herpes simplex viruses cause cold sores through viral infection. These viruses attack the skin and nervous system of the body. Viruses lay dormant in the body and when they are triggered, they become active. These herpes viruses cause infections in the human bodies. Viruses attack the nervous system of the body even when they are latent. Triggering activates them and their presence is indicated by blister around mouth. These blisters can be painful as well as watery and can occur on mucous membranes and genital areas.

Once the body gets attack by viruses, they remain in the body for lifetime and therefore are hard to flush out from the body. Once you treat them, the virus's retreats back into the nerve cells. Some times these viruses remain dormant and get activate eventually and cause new cold sores to appear. Since these viruses are, permanent we cannot remove them but we can try to decrease the chances of future outbreaks. To get rid of cold sores you have to keep control over the triggers.

In the cold and flue, body easily triggers the viruses and therefore one need to get cure as soon as possible from the cold and flue. This will restrict the cold sores. Another reason of cold sores is stress. In the stress immune systems of the body weaken, this allows the viruses to come in activation state and can cause the blisters. Therefore, one has to try to keep the stress away.

Many of the peoples are very sensitive to cold sores when spends more time outside in the sunlight. The peoples affected quickly by cold sores when they suffer with sunburns. Therefore, simple remedy is to apply good sunscreen lotion particularly to lips that defense against the sun causing blisters. Cold and wind also causes the cold sores and therefore to protect the skin one has to apply sunscreen lotion while going outside.

Pregnancy period and menstruation period triggers the viruses in the body. In this stage body suffers from the hormonal changes and therefore body can trigger the hormonally induce cold sores.

Hence, to reduce the cold sores efficiency one has to take proper rest. Adequate amount of sleep keeps the person stronger and healthier than the person who takes minimum amount of sleep. Along with the rest proper nourishment of the body with nutritious is necessary. Proper intake of proteins and nutrition plays important role in healing process.

To keep body healthy and protected from the cold sores antioxidants are important. Peoples who frequently outbreaks the blister are vitamin B deficient and therefore they need to include the external supplement of antioxidants and vitamins. Amino acids, lysine also shields the body from cold sores. However, these are helpful in healing the blisters one has to consume them in doctor's recommendation.

Relax and unwind yourself, as this will keep your body away from the disease.