Cold Sores Photos

Today many people all around the globe are suffering with disorder of cold sores. This is a oral and highly contagious infection and is caused because of Herpes simplex viruses. When the person is exposed to this virus, they attack the nerve cells of body. From nerve cells, viruses travel towards Ganglia and lay there in dormant stage. The virus activates inside the body and shows there presence.

Presence of these viruses can be observed through blisters around mouth or nose area. Out break of cold sores includes tingling, itching and burning in the area. After this primary symptom within few hours or few days, this area becomes red and small fluid filled blisters will develop over there. Some times all this blisters in together makes a large and irritating blister.

Once viruses attack the body they are hard to flush out from the body and therefore one has to take some precautionary measures to avoid infection of these viruses. Sharing of towels, plates, cups and utensils infects the person. Along with these utensils sharing of cosmetics also spreads the infection after infection long exposure to sunlight, illness, stress, nutrition's deficiency activates the viruses.

Therefore person need to avoid long exposure to sunlight and have to apply sunscreen lotion all over the body. Adequate amount of sleep and healthy food is also helpful to control the activation. In the stressing conditions immune system of the body weakens and viruses activates soon. Thus, infected person has to keep way these conditions with the help of regular exercise.

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