Cold Sores Lysine

The cold sores lysines are a very common occurrence and many types of drugs and creams are used against them. However, these do not offer complete protection from cold sores. There is always a danger of reoccurrence of the cold sores. Therefore it is better if the patients use the natural substances that will help in prevention of the cold sores.

There are several things that can help in the prevention of cold sores. These include the substances derived from or occurring in plants and animals. One of them is the amino acid lysine.

Lysine is an amino acid which is present in the normal human body. Our body derives it from the diet that we consume. It cannot be synthesized in the body and therefore it has to be taken only externally.

Intake of supplements of lysine can be very useful during the cold sores. If the patients take high dosage of lysine, it aids in restricting the cold sores. However it is useful only when it is taken in the form of high doses.

It actually retards the growth of the herpes virus through replication and therefore the cold sores slow down. Due to this property it reduces the frequency of the occurrence and outbreak of cold sores.

In addition to the above mentioned properties if it is taken along with supplements such as zinc, vitamin c with bioflavonoids, etc, then its effectiveness increases and it works faster.

The herpes virus that is responsible for the producing the cold sores requires an amino acid Arginine, from the human body, for its growth. However when the patient takes lysine supplements, the lysine suppresses the metabolism of Arginine. Without Arginine the herpes virus becomes inactive and it cannot replicate.

You can consume the foods that contain lysine naturally or you can also take the artificial supplements providing lysine. As the lysine is an important amino acid and is required for the protein synthesis in the human body, people should ideally, consume foods that are rich in the lysine contents. These foods are the vegetables, fish, chicken, cheese, milk, brewers yeast, beans etc. You can also use these, during the time of infection. However during the infection remember to avoid food items that contain Arginine. For example you should avoid nuts chocolate, whole wheat, coconut, oats, caffeine etc. Only then supplementing the body with lysine can be useful.

However it is better to use the artificial dosage of the lysine during the infection. This is because the lysine is required in more amounts for it being effective. Therefore you should always consume dosage per day, containing more than 1250 mg of lysine. Therefore, you should take two tablets of lysine per day containing 625mg lysine each.

It is better to use the lysine supplements instead of using the antiviral drugs for the prevention of the cold sores. This is because as this occurs frequently, the use of these drugs again and again can cause harm to the body on the other hand, the use of the lysine is safer because it is an amino acid that is useful to the body. However it should not be consumed in excess at a single time. In addition to this the other advantage is that they are cheap. Any person can use them with out any problems as allergies, etc.

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