Causes Cold Sores

Are you suffering from cold sores? Cold sores are painful and embarrassing. However, do you know the major causes of this infection? Cold sores are contagious in nature. You have to take care that others should not get infection because of you.

A cold sore caused due to herpes simplex virus (HSV). There are two type of herpes simplex virus, HSV-1 and HSV- 2. In most of the people, HSV-1 found which is responsible for cold sores. This virus can transmit through a contaminated fluid. This contamination may happen due to kissing, sneezing, coughing or touching a cold sore. The closest contamination happens through parents to a child through a normal touch. It is highly contagious disease.

Most of the people come in to contact to this virus in the early age in five years of age. This virus can lie inactive for many years and show effects in later age that is after puberty. You have cold sores means the herpes virus in our body is active after a long sleep. This will come with no warning as soon as the contamination happens.

You can transfer the disease to others easily as a cold sore is a highly contagious disease. Cold sores can spread within the body too. It is this much contagious. Direct contact will help a lot in spreading the disease.

Recovered cold sores can return with a small infection. It takes long time to come again. It is the cause of cold sore outbreak. If you want to get rid of completely then you have to take precautions. Take a treatment if you have a serious problem. Complete the course; it will be good for you.

Here are triggers that you should know about the cold sores. Everybody has unique kind of trigger that causes his or her cold sore recurrence.

Sun exposure can be responsible for cold sore outbreak. Use sun scream over your lips. Protect your skin from sun light.

Overexposure to wind can irritate cold sores outbreaks.

You will be surprised to know tat your stress can encourage to the cold sore. Try to solve your problem and be relaxed. You will feel better.

Illness can cause cold sore. Weak immune system is easily attackable to the virus that causes cold sores.

You should reduce diet of foods that containing argentine such as chocolate, nuts, peas, and dairy products can cause cold sore

Do not use and share your personal items such toothbrush, cup, towel or lipstick can help to prevent spreading the disease. Cold sores spread through contamination.

You should be cautious about changing your toothbrush after recover from cold sore infection, because the virus can be trap on your toothbrush that makes core sore to come again.

The whole and sole cause of cold sore is a HVS-1 virus. It will come by a simple way and can cause a cold sore.

Different people have variations in the causes of cold sore. You can be cautious about cold core. Take medicines if you have a serious problem.

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