Old Coins

Old Coins are fun to collect. Coins are a part of our lives for as long as civilization ever existed. Coins have been a source of money exchange for centuries now.

Old coins or rare coins are a collectors item , they are bought only by people who collect coins as a hobby or by coin dealers who are looking for a better deal.

The oldest coins are quiet a debatable topic ,some say the oldest coins belong to the Lydian origin ,where as some believe the oldest coins belonged to the Indian origin ,known as Karshapanam.

US and Canada are known to house some of the oldest and well in demand coins ,for generations coin collecting is very popular for example the 20$ Saint -Gaudens coin is considered as the oldest and most beautiful coins in America. Along with Red Indian printed coins of denominations $10,$2.50,$5 and $1 are also a very old specimen .

Face of Liberty engraved on $20,$10,$5,$2.50 and $1 are also the oldest as well as the most popular among the collectors item.

Canadian Royal Mint has produced a special edition gold coin to mark the 25th Anniversary of Canada ,these coins were printed with The Maple Gold Leaf ,this coin is known to fetch a very high value in the collectors market.

Countries like Australia British and European countries are becoming increasingly aware of old coin values ,and their historical significance.

Some of the Worlds Old coins are the Swiss 20 franc French 20 franc Angel French 20 franc Rooster British Sovereign French 20 franc Napoleon III Italian 20 Lira .

Some of the old Silver coins are the Morgan Silver Dollar ,Peace Silver Dollar and the Buffalo Commemorative Silver Dollar.

Coin values are determined by their uniqueness their age their condition and their demand . An old age coin is always more in demand and priced at a higher value.Coins and their values are dependent on the collectors market ,sometimes an old coin may not be as highly priced as a commonly circulated coin as the demand of the old coin is less n the collectors market.

Old coins are also evaluated as per their condition, an old coin which has faced a lot of ware and tear in its life will not be graded well and will loose its market value.

Coin grading is an important phenomenon in the coin collectors market. Especially for Old coins grading becomes up most important to ensure the authenticity as well as the condition of the coin.

Old coins are sold for a much higher market value ,than its face value ,so one has to make sure that they verify the coin thoroughly before putting in their investment, old coins are recommended to be bought only from reputed coin dealers who well ensure the coin with authenticity and certify its grading.

Old Coins rock.