New Dollar Coins

New Dollar Coins are fun to collect. Dollar coins of United States are minted in the United States Mint , Coins minted in United States are made out of metals like Gold ,Silver and Base metal.In 1794 Silver Dollars were the first $ coins issued by the American mint.

In 2005 ,United Sates Congress decided to honor their late Presidents, by producing a lineage of $1 coins only dedicated to them.

The new dollar program commenced on 1st January 2007,this program is quiet similar to the State Quarter program, this program will not conclude till every eligible President is honored. In the program coins engraved with the faces of 4 Presidents will be produced every year ,issuing one first and the next 3 month later. No coins would bear the faces of living Presidents ,only those Presidents who are dead more than 2 years ago.

The Presidential Dollar is much smaller in size to the Sacagawea Dollar ,and lighter in color too .The wording 'In God we trust' are printed on the edge of the coin along with the date of issue and the mint mark ,quiet contrary to the Sacagawea dollar where the wording 'In God we trust' the date and mint mark were printed on the face side of the coin.

Sacagawae and the New Dollar coin are usually known as the Golden coin even though the coins contain not a trace of the gold metal ,they are just golden in color.

On February 15th, 2007 the first ever new dollar coin was released in the honor of George Washington.

March 8th 2007 ,the United States Mint announced that by error a large number of George Washington coins were circulated without the legendary words In God We Trust engraved, professional coin grading companies released approx 50000 such coins were released by the mint. These coins gained the name of being "Godless Dollars", the first few coins fetched its collector as high as $600 which later fell to $ 40 to$ 60 .These specimens as off now hold nothing more than the face value.

In March an America couple found a George Washington Dollar without stamping on both the sides ,these rare error coins fetched a very high market value.

The new dollar program would in all take 11 years to honor each and every President ,as George W. Bush being the 43rd President .As per the act for a president face to appear on the coin he or she must be dead for at least 2 years, and the program would end only when all the then most eligible Presidents are honored. If a particular Presidents is not eligible for his face to be engraved on the coin ,then he will be eliminated and the next in line would be considered for the honoring.

The New Dollar Coin program is said to run at least till 2016, but may continue even longer depending on the age of the current living Presidents.

New Dollar Coins are available online and off.