Gold Coins

Gold Coins rock, no doubt about it. Coins have been one of the oldest forms of money ,especially Gold coins Centuries ago Gold coins were used for money transaction, the usage of Gold coins as principal form of money was persistent for a very long time .Somewhere around 1933 most countries stopped using gold coins as their currency for money transaction.

The history of Gold coins goes back to 560BC , the first gold coins were invented by a Lydian king, King Croesus.Today Gold coins may not be a part of our currency, but are a major form of investment.

Gold coins are known to be the safest and most risk free form of investing ones savings.

Value of a the Gold coin depends on numerous factors such as its rarity uniqueness ,its history and its condition ,the amount printed on it also can throw some light on its value.

In 2002 July at Sotheby's a very unknown antique 20$ Double Eagle Gold coin was sold for a remarkable price of $7,590,020 ,till date this is the most valuable coin ever found.

Gold coins which are used for investments in today's times ,can be bought fro Banks or Jewelers, the value of these coins depends totally on the market value of metal gold .

With the constant up and down in the economy ,prices of Gold too keep fluctuating. Every country today has its own mark of Gold coins ,these coins are embarked with the countries specification. For example United States is known for its American Eagle Coin ,Canada for its Maple leaf Gold coin, Australia for its Australian Kangaroo Gold coin China for its China Panda Gold coin ,Austria for its Austrian Philharmonic Gold coins South Africa for its Krugerrand Gold coin and Europe for its Euro Gold coin, Switzerland for its Swiss Vreneli Russia for its Russian Chervonets UAE for its Gold Dinar..

The American Gold Eagle is the official gold ingot of United States ,certified by the Gold Bullion Coin Act 1985.This Gold coin was first coined I 1986 by the United states Mint .This coin comes In various denominations and is made in 22 carat fine gold.

Canadian regime in 2007 coined a 100kg gold coin ,pricing it at $1,000,000,though the gold market rate was $2milion at that time .This gold coin was produced to promote a new range of

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins.

Gold coins ca be collectors gold coins with high market value for its historical significance or gold bullion coins which are nowadays used as a safe risk free form of investment.

Gold ingots OR Gold coins are made in variations of Kilograms or Ounce ,I Kilograms they can range from 5gms onwards ,I ounce it is half ounce ,quarter and one-tenth ounce.

These gold coins do not have a printed value o them as the value depends on the weight of the coin and the current market rate. Gold under ISO 4217 has an international currency code of XAU.

Most countries have one design printed on their gold coins ,which remains constant every year ,some countries also produce new prints on their Gold coins for showcasing the significance of that particular year ,as every coin in most case has a date printed on it.

Nowadays ,Gold colored coins ,coins not made out of gold have made an appearance in currencies of many countries.

Gold Coins - hold on to 'em!