Coin Collectors

Coin Collectors are plentiful round the globe. In fact coin collecting is a noted Hobby of Kings, this was the description given t this 2500yrs back hobby.

Romans were the first in line to adopt this expensive and competitive activity. Coin Collecting somewhere evolved around the 14th century ,though it is unclear ,whether coin collecting was more a hobby or collected to satisfy the quench of wealth and curiosity.

In 1962 the first ever coin collection convention was organized in Detroit, Michigan ,this convention was organized by the American Numismatic Association in alliance with the Canadian Numismatic Association.

Coin collection often begins in the confines of our home ,where we start saving coins in circulation which we find unusual ,coin collection can also be evolved while traveling other countries ,here you get to collect coins of different currencies and sometimes can chance upon laying your hands on a very unique coin.

Sometimes this passing hobby can become an astonishing collection ,King Farouk of Egypt is known to amass huge collection of coins ,as he had the resources to back this expensive hobby.

Many people collect coins of all specimens ,some have preferences they collect coins to make a set of the particular specimen.

For Example Louis Eliasberg was a well known collector of coins ,but he collected coins only belonging to the United States. Many coin collectors are fond of collecting coins of one country only ,unlike those who collect specimens of all the countries.

Some collectors are like collecting specimens on the basis of the year ,for example a particular coin collector would be interested in the Lincoln cents ad would collect the cent every year from 1909 till date. This method is useful iif interested in US .Currencies.

Subject collection is an interesting way of collecting coins ,in this case collectors would collect coin only n the basis of the subject printed o then .For example some collectors are known to collect the special edition of Canadian Coins with polar bears engraved on them.Example

Composition Collection

Collectors who are keen on collecting coins only for the purpose of investments, these collectors are interested only in precious coins like Gold Silver Platinum coins.

Period Collectors

Collectors who are interested in coins belonging to a certain era , some collectors may be keen on coins of the 18th or 19th century where as some collectors may show interest in coins of ancient times only like the coins belonging to the Romans Greeks Indian Parthian .Though ancient coin are the most popular of the lot ,especially ones that have historical significance.

Coin collection is a way of investment, many people collect coins only for the purpose of investment as this is a save and secure means of saving your money.

While collecting coin as a hobby ca be great fun ,but those who are keen to convert their hobby to full time business are to be very careful .It is very important to learn the basics of coin dealing before entering into this trade ,as there are strong chances of one getting cheated out of their


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