Coin Collecting

Coin Collecting is fun for all ages. In a nutshell, a coin is a disc shaped piece of hard metal, issued by the governing bodies as a form of money transaction. Coins have been an integral part of money transacton for centuries now .In ancient times coins of all kinds were used as the primary form of currency. Coins such as Gold coins Silver coins even Platinum coins have been a very played a very prominent part in money transactions during medieval period.

As a collectors piece, coins are assessed of their value by their rarity their historical significance their condition and their demand with collectors.Coins Collecting is a very interesting hobby ,some collect coins as a hobby and some for business interests .Some collect coins for their genuine keenness to own a rare piece and some collect coins as a form of investment or for business purposes.

Collecting coins is a form of accumulating or say dealing of coins .Coins which are most recurrently collected are rare pieces which were in circulation for a very brief period before they disappeared,or coins which were minted with some kind of error ,collecting coins can also be collecting of very rare magnificent coins which date back to centuries and hold high value historically.

Collecting of coins has been a hobby for many centuries, then hobby of Kings and Aristocrats, collecting coins then was merely by choice and curiosity for rare art. Modern coin collecting began somewhere in the 14th century , the beginner being Poet Petrarch an Italian scholar is believed to own some of the finest coins ever found in history.

In Aug 1962 the first time ever international convention of coin collection was organized by the American Numismatic Association and the Canadian Numismatic Association. Collecting of coins usually begins by collecting and saving coins which you have received in circulation, but saved the coin as its unusual appearance caught your interest.

Coin collection can begin as a memory of an international trip , or by chance you receiving a very old coin in circulation. His occasional hobby of coin collecting can lead to becoming a very expensive hobby too, as sometimes rare beautiful pieces which catch you interest ca be priced at a very high value. On the contrary this hobby of coin collection can also in the bargain get you rich rewards in exchange for a historical coin which you managed to get your hands on.

People like Louis Eliasberg is a well known collector who is the only man who managed to collect a complete set of well know United States coins.

In Coin Collection the condition, the rarity of the coin is vital to place a value on it.

Coin collecting can become a very aggressive activity, as coin collectors keep thriving for collecting some of the most rare most unique and historical coin .Coin collecting can be of various kinds some are interested in collecting coins belonging to a particular nation ,some like collecting coins of various nations ,some are interested in coins only with historical significance where as there are collectors whose interest lie o error coins too.

While coin collecting as a hobby ca be very interesting, those who collect coins for business purposes have to have well enough knowledge in this field.

Coin Collecting - give it a try!