Coffee Stains

Maybe, twenty years ago, coffee stains were labeled among the most difficult to clean type of dirt from all sorts of clothes; fortunately, due to the large number of modern detergents, stain removing has become both efficient and effortless. However, despite the existence of advanced chemical substances that eliminate dirt almost instantly, most traditional methods to remove coffee stains have been preserved. Here are a few things you can try when you have to improvise or find an immediate solution to fresh coffee stains, particularly when you have to take into consideration the nature of the fabric.

The only problem with chemical removers used to clean coffee stains is that after treating the affected area, you need to launder right away. However, this is not possible all the time due to a whole range of conditions and elements that depend on the situation. This is when a traditional solution may be applied: use some white vinegar combined with fresh cold water and apply the solution on the stain preferably with a sponge. The procedure should not be more complex than wiping the surface clean actually. Afterwards, you may do the laundry together with the rest of your clothes.

Two other ideas for removing coffee stains come from the same culinary field: this time we're talking about baking soda and egg yolk solution. First of all, baking soda triggers a chemical reaction that favors the elimination of stains by actually dissolving the coffee compounds from within the fabric. Moreover, the use of egg yolk in combination with a little alcohol and two spoonfuls of warm water, may also be a viable solution against superficial coffee stains. The only problem you may notice when using such domestic stain removing tips is that dirt not be eliminated completely from the clothes.

It goes without saying that the best way to make sure that all coffee stains are eliminated completely is by using a special remover available in stores. However, a tip is worth mentioning here as well, don't ever allow a coffee stain to set since it becomes a lot more difficult to remove under such circumstances. Even if you don't do the laundry right away, you should still try to get the item in fresh water so that the coffee stain may soak and be more easy to remove. Powder, spray or liquid stain removers all work well under such circumstances, allowing a complete laundry making after application.

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