Chess Tips

There are two major coordinates that can be identified in a game of chess: on the one hand there is the defense you create for the protection of your king, and on the other hand the offensive there are the moves you undertake to capture the opponent's royal piece. What you need to take into consideration is learning the best chess tips that can save you a piece under attack. How can you protect it? The strategy you are to use totally depends on the kind of situation you find yourself in. Not all the chess tips you may have studied are likely to work during a game, but at least some could help you overcome difficulties.

Among the most simple chess tips for protection we could mention the move to a safe square on the board where either the piece cannot be attacked by the opponent, or it is guarded by your other defenses. Then, sometimes the best protection is attack, and in such a case eliminating the opponent's piece may be the right solution. Not only will you eliminate a threat but you'll also gain some time in the process; not to mention that there is a psychological dimension to such chess tips: you actually force the opponent to pass from an offensive to a defensive position.

Some of the best chess tips identify blockage as another good method of protection and attack at the same time. How come? Well, if you've got a piece that is under offensive by the opponent's rook, queen or bishop, you may counteract by placing another important piece in the path, thus eliminating the danger and reversing the situation. Prevention should also be included among the most welcome chess tips; place a piece with a defensive function close to another one, and in case the opponent tries to capture it, he or she will lose the piece.

Complex situations are possible to occur when the player is unable to use a classical method of defense to prevent losing a piece. For such cases, plenty of chess tips suggest counterattack as the most reliable method; you actually perform a shift of battle focus. By attacking an important opposing piece, like the queen, for instance, the attention of the other player will be focused onto defending it rather than continuing the initial attack. This strategy will win you some time and possibly solve the conflict to your advantage.

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