Chess Sets

Regardless of whether you need a chess set for professional playing or you simply want it for your own pleasure, the choice can very demanding if you want to buy a quality product. There are several coordinates on which to judge whether chess sets are worth the price: quality, material, theme and size. Regular chess sets are pre-selected, meaning that the pieces and the chessboard are already coupled together in the set when you go to purchase it. Or there is another possibility here: that you get to pick the pieces individually and the matching chessboard in order to create personalized chess sets.

If classical chess sets may seem a little bit dull to you, there are always theme chess sets to choose from; such models work great for children as they stimulate imagination and make the game even more entertaining and challenging. Mythological figures for pieces would work great for the matter or if you buy the gift for someone older you could choose from historical representations of various warlike nations in the history. There are even chess sets with the Civil War figures represented on the chessboard; so, you'll stimulate your child's intelligence and also give him / her a history lesson as well.

In terms of quality materials used in the manufacturing of chess sets, wood items are the most appreciated. In the top of the list we need to mention the chess sets made of mahogany as being the most exquisite, but also the most expensive ones too, being closely followed by ebony and rosewood items. As for boards, the preference goes for those made of quality materials, since not only do they look great but they also meet high quality standards too. Furthermore, personalized chess sets are usually ordered by chess clubs and institutions that organize competitions on a regional, national or even international level.

It is not uncommon to come across chess sets that use mix materials for pieces and boards: for instance wood matches with metal pieces as well, without the least unaesthetic risk. Leatherette boards can be matched with metal pieces in some more special chess sets as well. Moreover, the material is not the only one to influence the price of chess sets; size also has an important word to say; the standard way of determining the diameter of the board is by multiplying the size of the king by 1.33. Sometimes, chessboards may be a bit larger but the dimension is never set below this value.

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