Chess Set Glass

The materials and the design of chess sets vary from the most simple and modest ones to very elaborate and sophisticated others, and we can also imagine that the price climbs up accordingly. There is a huge cost difference from the cardboard and plastic chest set you can buy in toy shops to the chess set glass made that could be found in special stores or ordered on the Internet.

With the usage of glass for the manufacturing of chess sets, once again we have the proof of what a versatile material glass is. It adds up to the quality and the design of the game items, even allowing for artistic decorations; such exquisite elements can only be to the liking of a big chess fan or collector.

Some designers had very interesting, yet unusual, ideas; this is the case of the chess set glass made that is used for shots drinking. All the pieces consist of glasses of various sizes half-filled with alcohol; all the rules of chess are applicable here as well, with the additional one that every time you capture an opponent’s piece you have to drink its content.

You may choose the color of such a chess set glass made and offer it as an excellent and funny gift to someone who loves chess. It is both an original and very interesting way of congratulating a friend of a dear one in your family: father, brother and so on.

Furthermore, if you search the market for an even more special chess set glass made, bright colored ones may easily get your attention. There are models designed in the rainbow colors, the only difference in the players' pieces is that some are made of clear glass and others of frosted glass.

It is not uncommon to use a chess set glass made as a decorative object as well; the most exquisite models in the field are actually true masterpieces of ingenuity and execution. There are even auctions where some of the oldest and most valuable glass chess sets are sold for impressive sums of money only to be kept on display afterwards.

Consequently, we could definitely say that a chess set glass made distinguishes itself by creating a more classy picture than any other regular items in the categories. The chessboard is usually made of glass too, and the most popular model is the one with clear and frosted squares that is also transparent enough to let the light go through. The aesthetic effect is really amazing!