Chess Rules

Regardless of whether you play traditional chess or an advanced interactive online variant, you'll still have to do with the same validity of chess rules that remain unchanged no matter the circumstances. This very general character of the chess rules makes them so appealing all over the world; there is actually no limitation in terms of strategy or approach to the game as long as the function of the pieces is respected. Besides the chess rules that any beginner has to learn, there are some more complex principles that need to be followed by anyone who wants to be competitive, such truths are usually discovered in practice and they get more complex with experience.

Let's consider for a moment the chess rules that apply to the pawns; they can be moved ahead one square at a time and diagonally when you capture one of the opponent's pieces. Pawns make the first line of defense and are usually given a very low value in chess economy; the main issue rises when you want to defend your pawns against the opponent's attacks. Chess rules allow you all sorts of captures using pawns, but what may seem like a good move at the time could afterwards end in isolated pieces on the board which are very difficult to defend altogether.

One very unpleasant situation occurs when you get two pawns in a vertical line, they are actually two pieces that can hardly be used independently; this is usually known as doubling, and it is among the most frequent mistakes beginners do. Chess rules allow a very rewarding level of freedom in piece movement, and you should develop attacks and capture the adverse troops by means of more powerful primary pieces than pawns. The latter should create the defense wall and not be used as a way to breach your enemy's protection.

The unwritten chess rules include one concerning the promoting role a pawn can play; the main question that arises here is: when should one try to capture that pawn? Typically players will wait until there is no risk in eliminating the potential threat of a pawn. A good idea here is to try and create a good defensive position that allows the capturing of the promoted piece with the lowest risk level. Carefully planning every move is probably the best solution for winning a chess game, and a good anticipation capacity comes with intense practice.

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