Chess Pieces

Players who achieve the most impressive results know that chess pieces work in a specific relationship, they rely on each other for protection and only together they can bring victory. Chess pieces are like troops, they go where you command and the victory or the failure depends on your skills and ability to coordinate and build strategies. From the very simple paws to the harmless, yet most important king, all the chess pieces create a complex puzzle that you design. The very basic organization principle is a pyramidal one: the king is the center of the game and its weak spot too: get the king and the game is over!

The pawns make the first line of defense, they are the chess pieces primarily used in the opening of the game when the players are trying to create a defense as strong as possible for the king, an action which is basically known as castling. Pawns are essential during the first part of the game when the main defense or offense is settled; however, don't rely exclusively on pawns for the protection of the king as they are chess pieces with limited functions on the board and they can be easily eliminated. Most books, Internet sites or chess manuals recommend that pawns in combination with rooks and bishops be used in the immediate vicinity of the king.

The queen is probably the most valuable of the active chess pieces, it is both powerful and easy to move on the board; hence, it is widely used for both offense and defense depending on the strategy you imagine. There are players who create treacherous situations using their queen in association with some other chess pieces so that the opponent be tempted to eliminate this top element, while exposing one of their own strategic pieces. Therefore, always check well before making any move against a queen, you've got to be sure that it is defenseless or that the sacrifice you make is worth it.

A very special position among the chess pieces is also occupied by rooks that play a distinguished role in the castling move together with the king. They are considered very influential pieces in the battle to checkmate, being just as useful for attack as they are for defense. The main goal one may achieve with the help of this piece is that of having control over a wide range of squares related perpendicularly or horizontally to the rook. Together with the knights and the bishops, the rooks remain top pieces in the chess challenge.

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