Chess Openings

The practice of memorizing chess openings is well-known particularly in the case of beginners who make efforts to improve tactics by experiencing new moves. But how safe and advisable is it to memorize chess openings? This could definitely be a waste of time since the main mistake is to focus on the pattern you have developed and ignore the rest of the board. For instance, many pieces could remain unavailable if you use an opening that doesn't involve crucial elements in the battle. Unfortunately, there is even a tendency to repeat the same chess openings and make the same mistake, and the best advice here is to keep an open eye on game behavior as such.

There are certain general coordinates that have to be applied for all chess openings regardless of how many different moves you may learn. A rule of the thumb says that you have to move every piece at least once, before you get to move one twice; it is actually unacceptable that you get to the middle game moves without having involved the rooks in the game. Sometimes, one doesn't need to actually be familiar with all the theories and trends in the field, common sense reasoning and perception of the chess openings could actually be enough for a high quality game.

Self-criticism and close analysis of the game quality and chess openings should be part of a player's routine; if you were to repeat the game experience in the same conditions, which moves would be different? This is really the capital question for successful chess playing since it saves you from making the same tactical mistakes again. Successful chess openings are those that make use of all the primary pieces before reaching the middle-of-the-game phase. Without the proper development of your “soldiers”, there is little chance of getting considerable tactical advantages. Hence, don't leave any important piece sitting safely in the back ranks!

In order to ensure a high game quality, chess openings need to be innovative and to gain the player some advantages over the opponent. A conservative style will reverse the situation enabling the other player to dominate the game and set a defensive game evolution for you. Chess openings should involve developing king defense, and this needs to take less than fifteen moves as a general rule. Therefore, don't act on the queen's side, but on that of the king, and advance all pieces in battle positions that allow further possibilities to enter the adverse half of the board. In order to win, chess openings need to bring the opportunity to gain advantages before the opponent does the same.

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