Ceramic White Tiles

Very much praised by the Victorians in the 19th century, white ceramic tiles used to decorate most bathrooms and kitchens of the noblemen at the time. Little by little, colored tiles entered the market and took the place of the white ones but not for good. Traditional house decorations still use ceramic white tiles for floors and murals; such patterns also make a common view in restaurants and hotels where the costs for more complex tiling would be too high.

Ceramic white tiles are made of porcelain or natural stone with a simple layer of glaze at the surface. Yet, this glaze can get chipped pretty easily, which is why a professional advice is to pay a little more money for high quality tiles. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to using white ceramic tiles: on the one hand they are very easy to clean, but on the other hand they show dirt immediately. Moreover, white ceramic tiles don't match decorative geometric patterns very well, due to their plain look.

There is a certain significance attached to ceramic white tiles, and the very view of such floorings or murals refers to something in particular. Thus, we can easily think of hospitals for instance, with their sterile and cold environment where white equals cleanness. Thus, white tiles are used in rest rooms, laboratories and surgical areas, as well as in wards and on hallways. Some artists even use ceramic white tiles in interesting artistic combinations, alternating geometric patterns and colors.

For home use ceramic white tiles are the cheapest available on the market, but they have known a decline in popularity since they do not allow for too much artistic improvisations. They are still an alternative for a secondary bathroom that you do not want to make too fanciful. Moreover, ceramic white tiles are easy to match with furniture regardless of whether we are talking about the kitchen or the bathroom. The main advantage of white tiles is that they come pretty cheap.

If you have the chance to get a discount or to make the purchase during the sales period, then you will have saved quite a sum. Depending on where you want to install the ceramic white tiles you may choose from natural stone and porcelain; the former is suitable for floors whereas the latter works great for murals. The grout you need for the tiles should not be in color contrast. You can go for white, cream or very light blue.

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