Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles make a truly great choice when it comes to creating unique indoors decorations. Though generally used for covering floors and walls, ceramic tiles also work great for a variety of other purposes: some choose to cover chimneys or to create true artistic corners that accent living rooms and other house areas. Painted and glazed, ceramic tiles have a high resistance to external factors, as they are not influenced by moisture or temperature variations, they are easy to clean and pretty cheap to install. Though most commonly massed produced, ceramic tiles can be customized and pretty unique in design.

Though when compared to natural stone tiles, ceramic tiles seem pale and less valuable, they truly remain the choice of most users due to their lower costs. One of the things to be considered when installing ceramic tiles is their thickness; the thinner ones, for instance, can be installed by using more adhesive. Sometimes it happens that the ceramic floor tiles have an uneven surface that can also be corrected by the use of mortar. Higher spots on the ceramic tiles can also be removed mechanically with some very simple chisel moves. One other issues when you have tile flooring is the slippery surface when wet.

Make sure to seal the grout lines in order to avoid their getting stained or too dirty and difficult to clean. The even and easy to wash surface is a major advantage of ceramic tiles over natural stone models that tend to accumulate dirt in certain aleatory patterns. This is the explanation for the ceramic tiles preference in public institutions and medical facilities where the need for sterile and even structures is a must. In the past, ceramic tiles were considered a luxury and their artistic use was far greater than their practicality, they were present in both mural works and mosaic floorings.

Take for instance Islamic tile work that sheerly reflects the versatile use of ceramic tiles; they are present in temples, palaces, public buildings as well as in the homes of the upper classes. The artistic tradition of Arab ceramic tiles patterns influenced the European cultures leading to the use of these kind of decorations in gardens and courtyards. Tourists can still admire the beauty of such tile work in the Moorish remnants of Spain: at Malaga and Cordoba for instance; the mosaics are incredibly well preserved testifying once again for the durability of such ceramic structures.

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