Ceramic Tile

By a ceramic tile we usually understand a hard piece of material used for covering house areas, objects such as tables or even roofs. Ceramic tiles are made of baked clay by a technological process that involves eliminating the water from the structure of the material and drying it at extremely high temperatures. Such manufacturing technologies insure a high durability level and resistance to weight, humidity and temperature. Ceramic tile patterns will fit well for both floor and wall covering, allowing for very free designs that are often included in mosaic structures. Ceramic tile models are all covered with a hard glazed finish and they represent an alternative to glass, granite or marble.

Ceramic tile mass production saw an incredible development twenty years ago when the automated tile lines started to be widely used. This means that tiles are made by advanced diamond cut technologies and finish stone slabs. The demand for ceramic tile decorations has also increased with a new era of house decoration trends, and to let figures speak here, it suffices to say that only the U.S. market rises well over $3 billion. Moreover, if in 2002 Europe had the largest ceramic tile production in the world, covering more than half the international demand, presently the United States have taken the lead.

Ceramic tile models designed for both floors and walls are usually made in matching patterns. They are the ones to set the tone in house decorations, though efforts are being made to find applications for glass tiles as well. Ceramic tile varieties have the advantage of allowing mosaic combinations: small and large tiles can be combined into unique decorative innovations, particularly since there is such a diversity of models. Carved and customized ceramic tiles work great for a variety of unique combinations and artistic experiments you'd want to try at home.

Decorative ceramic tile work has therefore been held in very high esteem in most cultures and traditions, and history actually shows us that the use of ceramic tile patterns is not something specific only to our modern times. Ceramic tiles used to decorate ancient temples, royal palaces and tombs; together with painting they were actually the very basis for various artworks in the old times. Without limiting the use of ceramic tile coverings, it is good to know that the combined effort of both an artistic expert and a professional installation team is often indicated for the best of outcomes.

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