Ceramic Tile Removal

Wall or floor damage are the high risks when attempting a ceramic tile removal. Some of the tiles may come off without causing any trouble at all, while other leave all sorts of debris behind. Depending on the structure underlaying the floor or wall, ceramic tile removal could be more or less complex. Thus, if you are simply trying to take the tiles off a simple wallboard, the project could easily be a success. The big issues rise when the tiles to be removed were installed on a cement foundation or mortared directly into the wall. Most of the times, removing the covering actually means breaking the tiles, there are however a few other steps to be completed before this stage.

The first thing to do when preparing for ceramic tile removal is to scrape the grout from the outer parts of the tiles to be removed; you can use tools like razor scrapers or simple knives for the operation. The only thing you should take into consideration is safety: make sure your fingers are well protected,which is why special blade holders are a great idea. Caulked parts are easy to eliminate by using a heat gun set on the low temperature level. Turn to such a solution only if the grout is too difficult to scrape.

After the elimination of grout, the ceramic tile removal should go much faster; the only thing is to find a loose tile to begin with and all the rest will come out. It is usually a good idea to push upward in order to remove the tiles without breaking the corners, these are the parts of tiles most likely to suffer damage during the operation and thus make work harder. The next big challenge of ceramic tile removal is the cleaning of adhesive or cement remains from the wall. Methylene chloride products could be of great help for the matter.

Your health could be jeopardized in case you do not follow some safety rules concerning the use of methylene chloride for ceramic tile removal. The fumes generated by such products are harmful for the human body, therefore, an adequate ventilation system and a minimum exposure to the by-products are essential. Mention should be made that even when you plan the ceramic tile removal in advance chances are that something should come up and make you change everything. Good luck and great work!

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