Ceramic Tile Murals

Ceramic tile murals are a very popular decorative choice due to their very artistic nature and the versatility of design that they allow. Depending on the installation style, ceramic tile murals fall under several categories: thus they can be dye-sublimated, kiln-fired or even hand painted. They can be purchased either ready framed for display or they can be installed by a professional team according to the house owner's specifications. The subject matter of ceramic tile murals is often related to classic art somehow; there can also be sports motifs, holiday themes, geometrical abstract combinations or any other contemporary representation.

Interior design has known a new turn in its evolution once ceramic tile murals got the public eye; this decoration style is presently considered among the most fashionable being applied both to the private and the commercial environment. Though murals can be created from other materials too, ceramic tiles are the favorite owing to some of their peculiarities: smoothness, uniformity, light-weight and low costs. Marble, glass and porcelain structures represent the main competition for ceramic tile murals, but the choice definitely belongs to the user, resulting from a whole range of subjective factors.

The sizes of the ceramic tile murals vary from one manufacturer to the other, but other elements also need to be taken into consideration such as personal resources and the image that is meant for the transfer on the wall. For certain designs ceramic tile murals can be created without any inconvenience in terms of size, image distortion or poor resolution. Therefore, planning and careful adaptation to the environment are essential for the success of this type of indoors decorations; thus, it goes without saying that a kitchen mural will be smaller than a wall covering you'd plan for a living-room.

Some contractors choose to apply a gloss finish to their ceramic tile murals as a means of making the work more modern and vivid-looking. The only mention here is that gloss usually reflects light, an aspect that needs to be taken into consideration for the overall impression of the work. Depending on the location destined to ceramic tile murals, the choice of finishing can be altered from case to case. As a matter of fact the most likely places to match well with a tile covering include kitchens, bathrooms, spas and other favorite locations. The installation of ceramic tile murals is relatively simple and many home owners assume the task, yet, there are plenty others who'd rather hire a team of professionals to do the work.

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